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channel_send.h File Reference

Channel send. More...

#include <stdbool.h>
#include "dsp/port.h"
#include "dsp/port_identifier.h"
#include "utils/yaml.h"
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Data Structures

struct  ChannelSendTarget
 Send target (used in list views). More...
struct  ChannelSend
 Channel send. More...


 The slot where post-fader sends begin (starting from 0).
#define channel_send_is_prefader(x)    (x->slot < CHANNEL_SEND_POST_FADER_START_SLOT)
#define channel_send_is_in_active_project(self)    (self->track && track_is_in_active_project (self->track))
#define channel_send_is_empty(x)   (!channel_send_is_enabled (x))


typedef struct _ChannelSendWidget ChannelSendWidget


 Target type. More...


char * channel_send_target_describe (const ChannelSendTarget *self)
 Returns a string describing self (track/plugin name/etc.).
char * channel_send_target_get_icon (const ChannelSendTarget *self)
void channel_send_target_free (ChannelSendTarget *self)
void channel_send_init_loaded (ChannelSend *self, Track *track)
ChannelSendchannel_send_new (unsigned int track_name_hash, int slot, Track *track)
 Creates a channel send instance.
NONNULL Trackchannel_send_get_track (const ChannelSend *self)
 Gets the owner track.
NONNULL bool channel_send_is_enabled (const ChannelSend *self)
NONNULL bool channel_send_is_target_sidechain (ChannelSend *self)
 Returns whether the channel send target is a sidechain port (rather than a target track).
Trackchannel_send_get_target_track (ChannelSend *self, Track *owner)
 Gets the target track.
NONNULL StereoPortschannel_send_get_target_sidechain (ChannelSend *self)
 Gets the target sidechain port.
NONNULL float channel_send_get_amount_for_widgets (ChannelSend *self)
 Gets the amount to be used in widgets (0.0-1.0).
NONNULL void channel_send_set_amount_from_widget (ChannelSend *self, float val)
 Sets the amount from a widget amount (0.0-1.0).
bool channel_send_connect_stereo (ChannelSend *self, StereoPorts *stereo, Port *l, Port *r, bool sidechain, bool recalc_graph, bool validate, GError **error)
 Connects a send to stereo ports.
NONNULL bool channel_send_connect_midi (ChannelSend *self, Port *port, bool recalc_graph, bool validate, GError **error)
 Connects a send to a midi port.
NONNULL void channel_send_disconnect (ChannelSend *self, bool recalc_graph)
 Removes the connection at the given send.
NONNULL void channel_send_set_amount (ChannelSend *self, float amount)
NONNULL void channel_send_get_dest_name (ChannelSend *self, char *buf)
 Get the name of the destination, or a placeholder text if empty.
NONNULL void channel_send_copy_values (ChannelSend *dest, const ChannelSend *src)
NONNULL ChannelSendchannel_send_clone (const ChannelSend *src)
NONNULL ChannelSendWidgetchannel_send_find_widget (ChannelSend *self)
void channel_send_connect_to_owner (ChannelSend *self)
 Connects the ports to the owner track if not connected.
void channel_send_append_ports (ChannelSend *self, GPtrArray *ports)
int channel_send_append_connection (const ChannelSend *self, const PortConnectionsManager *mgr, GPtrArray *arr)
 Appends the connection(s), if non-empty, to the given array (if not NULL) and returns the number of connections added.
void channel_send_prepare_process (ChannelSend *self)
void channel_send_process (ChannelSend *self, const nframes_t local_offset, const nframes_t nframes)
bool channel_send_is_connected_to (const ChannelSend *self, const StereoPorts *stereo, const Port *midi)
 Returns whether the send is connected to the given ports.
NONNULL ChannelSendchannel_send_find (ChannelSend *self)
 Finds the project send from a given send instance.
NONNULL bool channel_send_validate (ChannelSend *self)
NONNULL void channel_send_free (ChannelSend *self)

Detailed Description

Channel send.

Definition in file channel_send.h.

Typedef Documentation

◆ ChannelSendWidget

typedef struct _ChannelSendWidget ChannelSendWidget

Definition at line 22 of file channel_send.h.