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dsp Directory Reference
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 AUDIO functions.
 Audio group track.
 API for Regions inside audio Track's.
 Automation functions.
 Automation point API.
 API for automation Region's.
 Automation track.
 Automation tracklist containing automation points and curves.
 Balance control of stereo sources, mainly used in the mixer channels.
 API for Channel, representing a channel strip on the mixer.
 Channel send.
 Descriptors for chords.
 Chord object in the TimelineArranger.
 ZRegion for ChordObject's.
 Object to hold information for the chord track.
 Audio clip.
 Functions for control ports.
 The control room backend.
 The audio engine.
 External ports.
 Backend for faders or other volume/gain controls.
 Common logic for foldable tracks.
 Routing graph.
 Graph exporter.
 Routing graph node.
 Routing graph thread.
 Common logic for tracks that can be group targets.
 Hardware processor for the routing graph.
 Instrument track backend.
 Marker related code.
 Object to hold information for the Marker track.
 The master track.
 Meter DSP.
 Metronome related logic.
 MIDI events.
 MIDI functions.
 Mapping MIDI CC to controls.
 API for MIDI notes in the PianoRoll.
 API for Region's specific to instrument Track's.
 Modulator macro button processor.
 Object to hold information for the Modulator track.
 Panning mono sources.
 Audio file pool.
 Ports that transfer audio/midi/other signals to one another.
 Port connection.
 Port connections manager.
 Port identifier.
 Position struct and API.
 Quantize options.
 Recording events to queue for the recording thread to handle.
 Handles recording.
 A region in the timeline.
 Region identifier.
 DSP router.
 A framework from playing back samples independent of the timeline, such as metronomes and samples from the browser.
 Sample processor.
 Musical scales.
 Scale object inside the chord Track in the TimelineArranger.
 Snap/grid information.
 Time and pitch stretching API.
 Supported file info.
 Object to hold information for the Tempo track.
 The backend for a timeline track.
 Track lanes for each track.
 Track processor.
 Tracklist backend.
 Transport API.
 Velocities for MidiNote's.