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automation_point.h File Reference

Automation point API. More...

#include "dsp/curve.h"
#include "dsp/position.h"
#include "dsp/region_identifier.h"
#include "gui/backend/arranger_object.h"
#include "utils/types.h"
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Data Structures

struct  AutomationPointDrawSettings
 Used for caching. More...
struct  AutomationPoint
 An automation point inside an AutomationTrack. More...


#define automation_point_is_selected(r)    arranger_object_is_selected ((ArrangerObject *) r)


typedef struct _AutomationPointWidget AutomationPointWidget


AutomationPointautomation_point_new_float (const float value, const float normalized_val, const Position *pos)
 Creates an AutomationPoint in the given AutomationTrack at the given Position.
void automation_point_set_fvalue (AutomationPoint *self, float real_val, bool is_normalized, bool pub_events)
 Sets the value from given real or normalized value and notifies interested parties.
const char * automation_point_get_fvalue_as_string (AutomationPoint *self)
void automation_point_set_fvalue_with_action (AutomationPoint *self, const char *fval_str)
void automation_point_set_region_and_index (AutomationPoint *_ap, ZRegion *region, int index)
 Sets the ZRegion and the index in the region that the AutomationPoint belongs to, in all its counterparts.
HOT double automation_point_get_normalized_value_in_curve (AutomationPoint *self, ZRegion *region, double x)
 The function to return a point on the curve.
void automation_point_set_curviness (AutomationPoint *ap, const curviness_t curviness)
 Sets the curviness of the AutomationPoint.
Portautomation_point_get_port (const AutomationPoint *const self)
 Convenience function to return the control port that this AutomationPoint is for.
AutomationTrackautomation_point_get_automation_track (const AutomationPoint *const self)
 Convenience function to return the AutomationTrack that this AutomationPoint is in.
PURE int automation_point_is_equal (AutomationPoint *a, AutomationPoint *b)
NONNULL bool automation_point_curves_up (AutomationPoint *self)
 Returns if the curve of the AutomationPoint curves upwards as you move right on the x axis.

Detailed Description

Automation point API.

Definition in file automation_point.h.

Typedef Documentation

◆ AutomationPointWidget

typedef struct _AutomationPointWidget AutomationPointWidget

Definition at line 21 of file automation_point.h.