utils/ directory

Various utilities.



file algorithms.h
Various algorithms.
file audio.h
Audio utils.
file backtrace.h
Backtrace utils.
file cairo.h
Cairo utilities.
file chromaprint.h
Chromaprint utils.
file color.h
Color utils.
file cpu_windows.h
CPU usage on windows.
file curl.h
Curl utilities.
file datetime.h
Date and time utils.
file dictionary.h
Dictionary implementation.
file env.h
Environment variable helper.
file error.h
Error handling utils.
file file.h
File utilities.
file flags.h
file general.h
General utils.
file gtk.h
GTK utils.
file hash.h
Hash utils.
file lilv.h
Lilv utils.
file math.h
Math utils.
file mem.h
Memory utils.
file mpmc_queue.h
Multiple Producer Multiple Consumer lock-free queue.
file object_pool.h
Thread-safe object pool implementation.
file pcg_rand.h
PCGRandom float generator.
file resources.h
Helpers for loading and using resources such as icons.
file sort.h
Sort utils.
file string.h
String utilities.
file symap.h
API for Symap, a basic symbol map (string interner).
file system.h
System utils.
file terminal.h
Terminal utilities.
file types.h
Custom types.
file ui.h
User Interface utils.
file vamp.h
Vamp plugin utils.
file yaml.h
YAML utils.