utils/ directory

Various utilities.



file algorithms.h
Various algorithms.
file audio.h
Audio utils.
file backtrace.h
Backtrace utils.
file cairo.h
Cairo utilities.
file color.h
Color utils.
file cpu_windows.h
CPU usage on windows.
file curl.h
Curl utilities.
file datetime.h
Date and time utils.
file dictionary.h
Dictionary implementation.
file env.h
Environment variable helper.
file err_codes.h
Error codes.
file file.h
File utilities.
file general.h
General utils.
file gtk.h
GTK utils.
file lilv.h
Lilv utils.
file mem.h
Memory utils.
file mpmc_queue.h
Multiple Producer Multiple Consumer lock-free queue.
file object_pool.h
Thread-safe object pool implementation.
file resources.h
Helpers for loading and using resources such as icons.
file sort.h
Sort utils.
file string.h
String utilities.
file symap.h
API for Symap, a basic symbol map (string interner).
file system.h
System utils.
file terminal.h
Terminal utilities.
file types.h
Custom types.
file ui.h
User Interface utils.
file yaml.h
YAML utils.