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hardware_processor.h File Reference

Hardware processor for the routing graph. More...

#include "dsp/ext_port.h"
#include "dsp/port.h"
#include "gtk_wrapper.h"
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Data Structures

struct  HardwareProcessor
 Hardware processor. More...


#define HW_IN_PROCESSOR   (AUDIO_ENGINE->hw_in_processor)
#define HW_OUT_PROCESSOR   (AUDIO_ENGINE->hw_out_processor)
#define hw_processor_is_in_active_project(self)    (self->engine && engine_is_in_active_project ((self)->engine))


COLD NONNULL_ARGS (1) void automation_tracklist_init_loaded(AutomationTracklist *self
 Inits a loaded AutomationTracklist.
COLD WARN_UNUSED_RESULT HardwareProcessorhardware_processor_new (bool input, AudioEngine *engine)
 Returns a new empty instance.
bool hardware_processor_rescan_ext_ports (HardwareProcessor *self)
 Rescans the hardware ports and appends any missing ones.
ExtPorthardware_processor_find_ext_port (HardwareProcessor *self, const char *id)
 Finds an ext port from its ID (type + full name).
Porthardware_processor_find_port (HardwareProcessor *self, const char *id)
 Finds a port from its ID (type + full name).
int hardware_processor_setup (HardwareProcessor *self)
 Sets up the ports but does not start them.
void hardware_processor_activate (HardwareProcessor *self, bool activate)
 Starts or stops the ports.
REALTIME void hardware_processor_process (HardwareProcessor *self, nframes_t nframes)
 Processes the data.
HardwareProcessorhardware_processor_clone (const HardwareProcessor *src)
 To be used during serialization.
void hardware_processor_free (HardwareProcessor *self)


COLD AudioEngineengine

Detailed Description

Hardware processor for the routing graph.

Definition in file hardware_processor.h.