audio/hardware_processor.h file


Hardware processor for the routing graph.


struct HardwareProcessor
Hardware processor.


using HardwareProcessor = struct HardwareProcessor
Hardware processor.


auto hardware_processor_new(bool input) -> HardwareProcessor*
Returns a new empty instance.
auto hardware_processor_rescan_ext_ports(HardwareProcessor* self) -> bool
Rescans the hardware ports and appends any missing ones.
auto hardware_processor_find_ext_port(HardwareProcessor* self, const char* id) -> ExtPort*
Finds an ext port from its ID (type + full name).
auto hardware_processor_find_port(HardwareProcessor* self, const char* id) -> Port*
Finds a port from its ID (type + full name).
auto hardware_processor_setup(HardwareProcessor* self) -> int
Sets up the ports but does not start them.
void hardware_processor_activate(HardwareProcessor* self, bool activate)
Starts or stops the ports.
auto hardware_processor_process(HardwareProcessor* self, nframes_t nframes) -> REALTIME void
Processes the data.