ExtPort struct

External port.


Public variables

void* jport
JACK port.
char* full_name
Full port name, used also as ID.
char* short_name
Short port name.
char* alias1
Alias #1 if any.
char* alias2
Alias #2 if any.
unsigned int rtaudio_channel_idx
RtAudio channel index.
char* rtaudio_dev_name
RtAudio device name.
unsigned int rtaudio_id
RtAudio device index.
bool rtaudio_is_input
Whether the channel is input.
unsigned int rtmidi_id
RtMidi port index.
bool is_midi
True if MIDI, false if audio.
int hw_processor_index
Index in the HW processor (cache for real-time use)
HardwareProcessor* hw_processor
Pointer to owner hardware processor, if any.
bool active
Whether the port is active and receiving events (for use by hw processor).
bool pending_reconnect
Set to true when a hardware port is disconnected.
Port* port
Temporary port to receive data.

Variable documentation

bool ExtPort::pending_reconnect

Set to true when a hardware port is disconnected.

Hardware processor will then attempt to reconnect next scan.