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port_connections_manager.h File Reference

Port connections manager. More...

#include "zrythm-config.h"
#include "dsp/port_connection.h"
#include "utils/types.h"
#include "utils/yaml.h"
#include <glib.h>
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Data Structures

struct  PortConnectionsManager
 Port connections manager. More...


#define PORT_CONNECTIONS_MGR   (PROJECT->port_connections_manager)
#define port_connections_manager_ensure_connect_from_connection(self, conn)


NONNULL void port_connections_manager_init_loaded (PortConnectionsManager *self)
PortConnectionsManagerport_connections_manager_new (void)
void port_connections_manager_regenerate_hashtables (PortConnectionsManager *self)
 Regenerates the hash tables.
int port_connections_manager_get_sources_or_dests (const PortConnectionsManager *self, GPtrArray *arr, const PortIdentifier *id, bool sources)
 Adds the sources/destinations of id in the given array.
int port_connections_manager_get_unlocked_sources_or_dests (const PortConnectionsManager *self, GPtrArray *arr, const PortIdentifier *id, bool sources)
 Adds the sources/destinations of id in the given array.
PortConnectionport_connections_manager_get_source_or_dest (const PortConnectionsManager *self, const PortIdentifier *id, bool sources)
 Wrapper over port_connections_manager_get_sources_or_dests() that returns the first connection.
PortConnectionport_connections_manager_find_connection (const PortConnectionsManager *self, const PortIdentifier *src, const PortIdentifier *dest)
bool port_connections_manager_predicate_is_send_of (const void *obj, const void *user_data)
 Returns whether the given connection is for the given send.
int port_connections_manager_find (const PortConnectionsManager *self, GPtrArray *arr, GenericPredicateFunc predicate)
 Adds the connections matching the given predicate to the given array (if given).
const PortConnectionport_connections_manager_ensure_connect (PortConnectionsManager *self, const PortIdentifier *src, const PortIdentifier *dest, float multiplier, bool locked, bool enabled)
 Stores the connection for the given ports if it doesn't exist, otherwise updates the existing connection.
bool port_connections_manager_ensure_disconnect (PortConnectionsManager *self, const PortIdentifier *src, const PortIdentifier *dest)
 Removes the connection for the given ports if it exists.
void port_connections_manager_ensure_disconnect_all (PortConnectionsManager *self, const PortIdentifier *pi)
 Disconnect all sources and dests of the given port identifier.
void port_connections_manager_reset (PortConnectionsManager *self, const PortConnectionsManager *src)
 Removes all connections from self.
bool port_connections_manager_contains_connection (const PortConnectionsManager *self, const PortConnection *const conn)
void port_connections_manager_print_ht (GHashTable *ht)
void port_connections_manager_print (const PortConnectionsManager *self)
NONNULL PortConnectionsManagerport_connections_manager_clone (const PortConnectionsManager *src)
 To be used during serialization.
NONNULL void port_connections_manager_free (PortConnectionsManager *self)
 Deletes port, doing required cleanup and updating counters.

Detailed Description

Port connections manager.

Definition in file port_connections_manager.h.