PortIdentifier struct

Struct used to identify Ports in the project.


This should include some members of the original struct enough to identify the port. To be used for sources and dests.

This must be filled in before saving and read from while loading to fill in the srcs/dests.

Public variables

char* label
Human readable label.
char* sym
Unique symbol.
char* uri
URI, if LV2 property.
char* comment
Comment, if any.
PortOwnerType owner_type
Owner type.
PortType type
Data type (e.g.
PortFlow flow
Flow (IN/OUT).
PortFlags flags
Flags (e.g.
PortUnit unit
Port unit.
PluginIdentifier plugin_id
Identifier of plugin.
char* port_group
Port group this port is part of (only applicable for LV2 plugin ports).
char* ext_port_id
ExtPort ID (type + full name), if hw port.
unsigned int track_name_hash
Track name hash (0 for non-track ports).
int port_index
Index (e.g.

Variable documentation

PortType PortIdentifier::type

Data type (e.g.


PortFlags PortIdentifier::flags

Flags (e.g.

is side chain).

int PortIdentifier::port_index

Index (e.g.

in plugin's output ports).