Fader struct

A Fader is a processor that is used for volume controls and pan.


It does not necessarily have to correspond to a FaderWidget. It can be used as a backend to KnobWidget's.

Public variables

float volume
Volume in dBFS.
float phase
Used by the phase knob (0.0 ~ 360.0).
float fader_val
0.0 ~ 1.0 for widgets.
Port* amp
A control port that controls the volume in amplitude (0.0 ~ 1.5)
Port* balance
A control Port that controls the balance (0.0 ~ 1.0) 0.5 is center.
Port* mute
Control port for muting the (channel) fader.
int solo
Soloed or not.
StereoPorts* stereo_in
L & R audio input ports, if audio.
StereoPorts* stereo_out
L & R audio output ports, if audio.
Port* midi_in
MIDI in port, if MIDI.
Port* midi_out
MIDI out port, if MIDI.
float l_port_db
Current dBFS after procesing each output port.
bool mono_compat_enabled
Whether mono compatibility switch is enabled.
bool passthrough
Whether this is a passthrough fader (like a prefader).
int track_pos
Track position, if channel fader.

Variable documentation

float Fader::volume

Volume in dBFS.

(-inf ~ +6)

float Fader::l_port_db

Current dBFS after procesing each output port.

Transient variables only used by the GUI.