SampleProcessor struct

A processor to be used in the routing graph for playing samples independent of the timeline.


Also used for auditioning files.

Public variables

SamplePlayback current_samples
An array of samples currently being played.
Tracklist* tracklist
Tracklist for file auditioning.
PluginSetting* instrument_setting
Instrument for MIDI auditioning.
Fader* fader
Fader connected to the main output.
Position playhead
Playhead for the tracklist (used when auditioning files).
Position file_end_pos
Position the file ends at.
bool roll
Whether to roll or not.
AudioEngine* audio_engine
Pointer to owner audio engin, if any.

Variable documentation

Position SampleProcessor::file_end_pos

Position the file ends at.

Once this position is reached, SampleProcessor.roll will be set to false.