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Git Packaging Hooks

these files are a set of git hooks to semi-automate the following:

  • injecting semantic version strings into the program source code
  • creating a release tag
  • creating a signed release tarball

sources include graph:

* commit-msg
-> common.sh.inc
-> project-defs.sh.inc
-> staging-pre.sh.inc
-> packaging-pre.sh.inc
* post-commit
-> common.sh.inc
-> project-defs.sh.inc
-> staging-post.sh.inc
-> packaging-post.sh.inc

initial local configuration:

  • configure git to use these git-packaging-hooks => $ git config –local core.hooksPath /path/to/git-packaging-hooks/
  • define the project-specific constants in project-defs.sh.inc
  • ensure that git config user.name and git config user.signingkey are set
  • ensure that curl and piuparts are installed => $ su -c "apt-get install curl piuparts"

for each release version:

  • checkout the $STAGING_BRANCH and rebase the release state from master
  • ensure that the appropriate tag 'vMAJOR.MINOR' (or version excluding patch) exists on the $STAGING_BRANCH or add a new tag 'vMAJOR.MINOR' if major or minor version should change
  • amend the $STAGING_BRANCH HEAD commit to trigger the git hooks
  • verify that the git hook has put a tag of the form 'vMAJOR.MINOR.REV' on the HEAD (unless rc) where REV is n_commits after the nearest 'vMAJOR.MINOR' tag

NOTE: after each commit to the $STAGING_BRANCH:

  • the version string will be written into the meson.build and CHANGELOG.md files
  • any git tags of the form 'vMAJOR.MINOR.REV' that are not merged into master will be deleted
  • a git tag 'vMAJOR.MINOR.REV' will be put on the HEAD where REV is n_commits after the nearest 'vMAJOR.MINOR' tag
  • meson/ninja will be run, the project will be rebuilt and installchecked
  • the commit will be rejected if the re-config/re-build fails
  • the commit will be amended with '–gpg-sign' if it was not already GPG signed or if any tracked files had been changed by the re-config/re-build
  • a release tarball will be generated in build/meson-dist

NOTE: after each commit to the $PACKAGING_BRANCH:

finalize the release:

  • checkout the master branch and merge the $STAGING_BRANCH => $ git checkout master && git merge $STAGING_BRANCH && git push upstream master
  • push the newly created tag => $ git push –tags