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clip.h File Reference

Audio clip. More...

#include "utils/audio.h"
#include "utils/types.h"
#include "utils/yaml.h"
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Data Structures

struct  AudioClip
 Audio clips for the pool. More...




COLD NONNULL bool audio_clip_init_loaded (AudioClip *self, GError **error)
 Inits after loading a Project.
AudioClipaudio_clip_new_from_file (const char *full_path, GError **error)
 Creates an audio clip from a file.
AudioClipaudio_clip_new_from_float_array (const float *arr, const unsigned_frame_t nframes, const channels_t channels, BitDepth bit_depth, const char *name)
 Creates an audio clip by copying the given float array.
AudioClipaudio_clip_new_recording (const channels_t channels, const unsigned_frame_t nframes, const char *name)
 Create an audio clip while recording.
NONNULL void audio_clip_update_channel_caches (AudioClip *self, size_t start_from)
 Updates the channel caches.
NONNULL AudioClipaudio_clip_edit_in_ext_program (AudioClip *self, GError **error)
 Shows a dialog with info on how to edit a file, with an option to open an app launcher.
WARN_UNUSED_RESULT NONNULL bool audio_clip_write_to_file (AudioClip *self, const char *filepath, bool parts, GError **error)
 Writes the given audio clip data to a file.
WARN_UNUSED_RESULT NONNULL bool audio_clip_write_to_pool (AudioClip *self, bool parts, bool is_backup, GError **error)
 Writes the clip to the pool as a wav file.
NONNULL char * audio_clip_get_path_in_pool_from_name (const char *name, bool use_flac, bool is_backup)
 Gets the path of a clip matching name from the pool.
NONNULL char * audio_clip_get_path_in_pool (AudioClip *self, bool is_backup)
 Gets the path of the given clip from the pool.
NONNULL bool audio_clip_is_in_use (AudioClip *self, bool check_undo_stack)
 Returns whether the clip is used inside the project.
NONNULL void audio_clip_remove_and_free (AudioClip *self, bool backup)
 To be called by audio_pool_remove_clip().
NONNULL AudioClipaudio_clip_clone (AudioClip *src)
NONNULL void audio_clip_free (AudioClip *self)
 Frees the audio clip.

Detailed Description

Audio clip.

Definition in file clip.h.