audio/router.h file

DSP router.



void router_recalc_graph(Router* self, bool soft)
Recalculates the process acyclic directed graph.
void router_start_cycle(Router* self, EngineProcessTimeInfo time_nfo)
Starts a new cycle.
auto router_get_max_route_playback_latency(Router* router) -> nframes_t
Returns the max playback latency of the trigger nodes.
auto router_is_processing_thread(const Router*const router) -> WARN_UNUSED_RESULT HOT NONNULL bool
Returns if the current thread is a processing thread.
auto router_is_processing_kickoff_thread(const Router*const self) -> WARN_UNUSED_RESULT HOT NONNULL bool
Returns whether this is the thread that kicks off processing (thread that calls router_start_cycle()).
auto router_queue_control_port_change(Router* self, const ControlPortChange* change) -> NONNULL void
Queues a control port change to be applied when processing starts.