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automation_region.h File Reference

API for automation Region's. More...

#include "dsp/region.h"
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typedef struct AutomationCurve AutomationCurve


Regionautomation_region_new (const Position *start_pos, const Position *end_pos, unsigned int track_name_hash, int at_idx, int idx_inside_at)
 Creates a new Region for automation.
void automation_region_print_automation (Region *self)
 Prints the automation in this Region.
int automation_region_sort_func (const void *_a, const void *_b)
void automation_region_force_sort (Region *self)
 Forces sort of the automation points.
void automation_region_add_ap (Region *self, AutomationPoint *ap, int pub_events)
 Adds an AutomationPoint to the Region.
NONNULL AutomationPointautomation_region_get_prev_ap (Region *self, AutomationPoint *ap)
 Returns the AutomationPoint before the given one.
HOT AutomationPointautomation_region_get_next_ap (Region *self, AutomationPoint *ap, bool check_positions, bool check_transients)
 Returns the AutomationPoint after the given one.
void automation_region_remove_ap (Region *self, AutomationPoint *ap, bool freeing_region, int free)
 Removes the AutomationPoint from the Region, optionally freeing it.
void automation_region_get_aps_since_last_recorded (Region *self, Position *pos, GPtrArray *aps)
 Returns the automation points since the last recorded automation point (if the last recorded automation point was before the current pos).
AutomationPointautomation_region_get_ap_around (Region *self, Position *_pos, double delta_ticks, bool before_only, bool use_snapshots)
 Returns an automation point found within +/- delta_ticks from the position, or NULL.
NONNULL bool automation_region_validate (Region *self)
NONNULL void automation_region_free_members (Region *self)
 Frees members only but not the Region itself.

Detailed Description

API for automation Region's.

Definition in file automation_region.h.

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◆ AutomationCurve

typedef struct AutomationCurve AutomationCurve

Definition at line 18 of file automation_region.h.