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graph.h File Reference

Routing graph. More...

#include "dsp/graph_node.h"
#include "utils/types.h"
#include "zix/sem.h"
#include <pthread.h>
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Data Structures

struct  Graph
 Graph. More...


#define mpmc_queue_push_back_node(q, x)   mpmc_queue_push_back (q, (void *) x)
#define mpmc_queue_dequeue_node(q, x)   mpmc_queue_dequeue (q, (void **) x)
#define MAX_GRAPH_THREADS   128


void graph_print (Graph *graph)
void graph_destroy (Graph *graph)
GraphNodegraph_find_node_from_port (const Graph *self, const Port *port)
GraphNodegraph_find_node_from_plugin (const Graph *self, const Plugin *pl)
GraphNodegraph_find_node_from_track (const Graph *self, const Track *track, bool use_setup_nodes)
GraphNodegraph_find_node_from_fader (const Graph *self, const Fader *fader)
GraphNodegraph_find_node_from_prefader (const Graph *self, const Fader *prefader)
GraphNodegraph_find_node_from_sample_processor (const Graph *self, const SampleProcessor *sample_processor)
GraphNodegraph_find_node_from_monitor_fader (const Graph *self, const Fader *fader)
GraphNodegraph_find_node_from_modulator_macro_processor (const Graph *self, const ModulatorMacroProcessor *processor)
GraphNodegraph_find_node_from_channel_send (const Graph *self, const ChannelSend *send)
GraphNodegraph_find_initial_processor_node (const Graph *self)
GraphNodegraph_find_hw_processor_node (const Graph *self, const HardwareProcessor *processor)
NONNULL GraphNodegraph_create_node (Graph *self, GraphNodeType type, void *data)
 Creates a new node, adds it to the graph and returns it.
nframes_t graph_get_max_route_playback_latency (Graph *graph, bool use_setup_nodes)
 Returns the max playback latency of the trigger nodes.
HOT void graph_on_reached_terminal_node (Graph *self)
 Called from a terminal node (from the Graph worked-thread) to indicate it has completed processing.
void graph_update_latencies (Graph *self, bool use_setup_nodes)
void graph_setup (Graph *self, const int drop_unnecessary_ports, const int rechain)
bool graph_validate_with_connection (Graph *self, const Port *src, const Port *dest)
 Adds a new connection for the given src and dest ports and validates the graph.
int graph_start (Graph *graph)
 Starts as many threads as there are cores.
Graphgraph_new_full (Router *router, SampleProcessor *sample_processor)
 Returns a new graph.
Graphgraph_new (Router *router)
void graph_terminate (Graph *self)
 Tell all threads to terminate.
void graph_free (Graph *self)
 Frees the graph and its members.

Detailed Description

Routing graph.

Definition in file graph.h.