audio/graph.h file

Routing graph.



struct Graph


using GraphNode = struct GraphNode
A node in the processing graph.
using Graph = struct Graph


auto graph_create_node(Graph* self, GraphNodeType type, void* data) -> NONNULL GraphNode*
Creates a new node, adds it to the graph and returns it.
auto graph_get_max_route_playback_latency(Graph* graph, bool use_setup_nodes) -> nframes_t
Returns the max playback latency of the trigger nodes.
auto graph_validate_with_connection(Graph* self, const Port* src, const Port* dest) -> bool
Adds a new connection for the given src and dest ports and validates the graph.
auto graph_start(Graph* graph) -> int
Starts as many threads as there are cores.
auto graph_new(Router* router) -> Graph*
Returns a new graph.
void graph_terminate(Graph* self)
Tell all threads to terminate.
void graph_free(Graph* self)
Frees the graph and its members.