audio/chord_track.h file

Object to hold information for the chord track.


Contains project scale, chord markers, etc.


auto chord_track_new(int track_pos) -> ChordTrack*
Creates a new chord Track.
void chord_track_init(Track* track)
Inits a chord track (e.g.
void chord_track_insert_chord_region(ChordTrack* track, ZRegion* region, int idx)
Inserts a chord region to the Track at the given index.
void chord_track_insert_scale(ChordTrack* track, ScaleObject* scale, int pos)
Inserts a scale to the track.
void chord_track_add_scale(ChordTrack* track, ScaleObject* scale)
Adds a scale to the track.
void chord_track_remove_scale(ChordTrack* self, ScaleObject* scale, bool free)
Removes a scale from the chord Track.
void chord_track_remove_region(ChordTrack* self, ZRegion* region)
Removes a region from the chord track.
auto chord_track_get_chord_at_pos(const Track* ct, const Position* pos) -> ChordObject*
Returns the ChordObject at the given Position in the TimelineArranger.
auto chord_track_get_scale_at_pos(const Track* ct, const Position* pos) -> ScaleObject*
Returns the ScaleObject at the given Position in the TimelineArranger.
void chord_track_clear(ChordTrack* self)
Removes all objects from the chord track.


#define chord_track_get_chord_at_playhead(ct)
Returns the current chord.
#define chord_track_get_scale_at_playhead(ct)
Returns the current scale.