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region_link_group.h File Reference

Group of linked regions. More...

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Data Structures

struct  RegionLinkGroup
 A group of linked regions. More...


#define REGION_LINK_GROUP_MAGIC   1222013
#define IS_REGION_LINK_GROUP(x)    (((RegionLinkGroup *) (x))->magic == REGION_LINK_GROUP_MAGIC)


NONNULL void region_link_group_init_loaded (RegionLinkGroup *self)
RegionLinkGroupregion_link_group_new (int idx)
NONNULL void region_link_group_add_region (RegionLinkGroup *self, Region *region)
NONNULL void region_link_group_remove_region (RegionLinkGroup *self, Region *region, bool autoremove_last_region_and_group, bool update_identifier)
 Remove the region from the link group.
NONNULL bool region_link_group_contains_region (RegionLinkGroup *self, Region *region)
NONNULL void region_link_group_print (RegionLinkGroup *self)
NONNULL void region_link_group_update (RegionLinkGroup *self, Region *region)
 Updates all other regions in the link group.
NONNULL bool region_link_group_validate (RegionLinkGroup *self)
RegionLinkGroupregion_link_group_clone (const RegionLinkGroup *src)
void region_link_group_free (RegionLinkGroup *self)

Detailed Description

Group of linked regions.

Definition in file region_link_group.h.