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port.h File Reference

Ports that transfer audio/midi/other signals to one another. More...

#include "zrythm-config.h"
#include "dsp/port_identifier.h"
#include "utils/types.h"
#include "zix/sem.h"
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Data Structures

struct  PortScalePoint
 Scale point. More...
struct  Port
 Must ONLY be created via port_new() More...
struct  StereoPorts
 L & R port, for convenience. More...


#define PORT_MAGIC   456861194
#define IS_PORT(_p)   (((Port *) (_p))->magic == PORT_MAGIC)
#define IS_PORT_AND_NONNULL(x)   ((x) && IS_PORT (x))
#define TIME_TO_RESET_PEAK   4800000
#define PORT_NOT_OWNED   -1
 Special ID for owner_pl, owner_ch, etc.
#define port_is_owner_active(self, _owner_type, owner)
#define port_is_in_active_project(self)
#define port_connect(a, b, locked)
 Connects a and b with default settings:
#define port_disconnect(a, b)
 Removes the connection between the given ports.
#define ports_connected(a, b)
#define port_clear_buffer(engine_, _port)
 Clears the port buffer.


typedef struct ZixRingImpl ZixRing
typedef struct WindowsMmeDevice WindowsMmeDevice
typedef struct RtMidiDevice RtMidiDevice
typedef struct RtAudioDevice RtAudioDevice


enum class  PortInternalType {
  None , PortInternalType::Lv2Port , PortInternalType::JackPort , PortInternalType::PulseAudioPort ,
 What the internal data is. More...


int port_scale_point_cmp (const void *_a, const void *_b)
NONNULL PortScalePointport_scale_point_new (const float val, const char *label)
NONNULL void port_scale_point_free (PortScalePoint *self)
NONNULL void port_init_loaded (Port *self, void *owner)
 This function finds the Ports corresponding to the PortIdentifiers for srcs and dests.
void port_set_owner (Port *self, PortIdentifier::OwnerType owner_type, void *owner)
NONNULL Portport_find_from_identifier (const PortIdentifier *const id)
WARN_UNUSED_RESULT NONNULL Portport_new_with_type (ZPortType type, ZPortFlow flow, const char *label)
 Creates port.
WARN_UNUSED_RESULT NONNULL Portport_new_with_type_and_owner (ZPortType type, ZPortFlow flow, const char *label, PortIdentifier::OwnerType owner_type, void *owner)
NONNULL void port_allocate_bufs (Port *self)
 Allocates buffers used during DSP.
NONNULL void port_free_bufs (Port *self)
 Frees buffers.
NONNULL StereoPortsstereo_ports_new_from_existing (Port *l, Port *r)
 Creates blank stereo ports.
StereoPortsstereo_ports_new_generic (int in, const char *name, const char *symbol, PortIdentifier::OwnerType owner_type, void *owner)
 Creates stereo ports for generic use.
NONNULL void stereo_ports_connect (StereoPorts *src, StereoPorts *dest, int locked)
 Connects the internal ports using port_connect().
NONNULL void stereo_ports_disconnect (StereoPorts *self)
StereoPortsstereo_ports_clone (const StereoPorts *src)
NONNULL void stereo_ports_free (StereoPorts *self)
const void * port_get_value_from_symbol (const char *port_sym, void *user_data, uint32_t *size, uint32_t *type)
 Function to get a port's value from its string symbol.
NONNULL bool port_has_sound (Port *self)
 If MIDI port, returns if there are any events, if audio port, returns if there is sound in the buffer.
NONNULL void port_get_full_designation (Port *const self, char *buf)
 Copies a full designation of self in the format "Track/Port" or "Track/Plugin/Port" in buf.
NONNULL void port_print_full_designation (Port *const self)
void port_get_all (GPtrArray *ports)
 Gathers all ports in the project and appends them in the given array.
NONNULL Trackport_get_track (const Port *const self, int warn_if_fail)
NONNULL Pluginport_get_plugin (Port *const self, const bool warn_if_fail)
void port_update_identifier (Port *self, const PortIdentifier *prev_id, Track *track, bool update_automation_track)
 To be called when the port's identifier changes to update corresponding identifiers.
NONNULL void port_disconnect_hw_inputs (Port *self)
 Disconnects all hardware inputs from the port.
NONNULL void port_set_expose_to_backend (Port *self, int expose)
 Sets whether to expose the port to the backend and exposes it or removes it.
NONNULL void port_rename_backend (Port *self)
 Renames the port on the backend side.
NONNULL void port_set_control_value (Port *self, const float val, const bool is_normalized, const bool forward_event)
 Sets the given control value to the corresponding underlying structure in the Port.
NONNULL HOT float port_get_control_value (Port *self, const bool normalize)
 Gets the given control value from the corresponding underlying structure in the Port.
NONNULL int port_get_num_unlocked_srcs (const Port *self)
 Returns the number of unlocked (user-editable) sources.
NONNULL int port_get_num_unlocked_dests (const Port *self)
 Returns the number of unlocked (user-editable) destinations.
void port_update_track_name_hash (Port *self, Track *track, unsigned int new_hash)
 Updates the track name hash on a track port and all its source/destination identifiers.
HOT NONNULL void port_process (Port *port, const EngineProcessTimeInfo time_nfo, const bool noroll)
 First sets port buf to 0, then sums the given port signal from its inputs.
NONNULL bool ports_can_be_connected (const Port *src, const Port *dest)
 Returns whether the Port's can be connected (if the connection will be valid and won't break the acyclicity of the graph).
NONNULL void ports_disconnect (Port **ports, int num_ports, int deleting)
 Disconnects all the given ports.
NONNULL void port_copy_metadata_from_project (Port *self, Port *project_port)
 Copies the metadata from a project port to the given port.
NONNULL void port_copy_values (Port *self, const Port *other)
 Copies the port values from other to self.
NONNULL void port_restore_from_non_project (Port *self, Port *non_project)
 Reverts the data on the corresponding project port for the given non-project port.
HOT NONNULL OPTIMIZE_O3 void port_clear_external_buffer (Port *port)
 Clears the backend's port buffer.
NONNULL int port_disconnect_all (Port *port)
 Disconnects all srcs and dests from port.
NONNULL void port_apply_pan_stereo (Port *l, Port *r, float pan, PanLaw pan_law, PanAlgorithm pan_algo)
 Applies the pan to the given L/R ports.
NONNULL void port_apply_pan (Port *port, float pan, PanLaw pan_law, PanAlgorithm pan_algo, nframes_t start_frame, const nframes_t nframes)
 Applies the pan to the given port.
NONNULL uint32_t port_get_hash (const void *ptr)
 Generates a hash for a given port.
Portport_clone (const Port *src)
 To be used during serialization.
NONNULL void port_free (Port *port)
 Deletes port, doing required cleanup and updating counters.

Detailed Description

Ports that transfer audio/midi/other signals to one another.

Definition in file port.h.

Typedef Documentation

◆ RtAudioDevice

typedef struct RtAudioDevice RtAudioDevice

Definition at line 41 of file port.h.

◆ RtMidiDevice

typedef struct RtMidiDevice RtMidiDevice

Definition at line 40 of file port.h.

◆ WindowsMmeDevice

typedef struct WindowsMmeDevice WindowsMmeDevice

Definition at line 33 of file port.h.

◆ ZixRing

typedef struct ZixRingImpl ZixRing

Definition at line 32 of file port.h.