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GTK Tips

dispose() vs finalize() vs destroy()

According to ebassi from GTK: Rule of thumb: use dispose() for releasing references to objects you acquired from the outside, and finalize() to release memory/references you allocated internally.

There's basically no reason to override destroy(); always use dispose/finalize. The "destroy" signal is for other code, using your widget, to release references they might have.

map() vs realize()

Alexander Mikhaylenko:

map - if you put it into a stack and switch pages,
it will map/unmap every time, but will still be
realized the whole time
realized == when it's in a realized window iirc
but basically you can access the window and you have access to rendering stuff
mapped == when it's actually gonna be drawn, yes


Thanks to ebassi from GTK: always make sure that the popover opens inside the window; make the window request a minimum size that allows the popover to be fully contained; or make the contents of the popover be small enough to fit into a small top level parent window

Specify menu for GtkMenuButton in XML

Specify the id of the menu, like:

<property name="menu">my_menu_id</property>

Set max height on GtkScrolledWindow

Set propagate-natural-height to true and set max height with max-content-height.

GDK key defines and accel strings

  • include/gtk-3.0/gdk/gdkkeysyms.h
  • gdk_keyval_name()
  • gdk_keyval_from_name()

Showing popups on startup

First need to set style provider in zrythm_app_startup() otherwise we get segfaults.

Custom widget text node styling


if you call append_layout, you provide the pango layout that specifies what fonts to use
if it is a pango layout created with gtk_widget_create_pango_layout then yes, css may influence what font is used

focus_on_click in custom widgets

Sergey Bugaev
Focus on click doesn't work automatically, it has to be implemented in a particular widget (by connecting to GestureClick::pressed or something like that and calling grab_focus ())
And you can set focus-on-click to false to disable that (and that's again something that the particular widget has to check for, and not call grab_focus ()) in that case