a highly automated and intuitive digital audio workstation
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Release Checklist

Testing Before Release

  1. Check that both ALSA and JACK audio backends work


These are the steps to take before each release to ensure that the program is releasable.

  1. Run the test suite locally *
  2. Check that it compiles with both gcc and clang *
  3. Check if the build compiles with –buildtype "debugoptimized" and "release"
  4. Switch to staging and update the changelog using "version" as the version
  5. Follow the rest of the steps in git-packaging-hooks
  6. Test the Debian and Arch packages
  7. Merge staging back to master
Steps marked with (*) are performed automatically by git-packaging-hooks

Updating the Changelog


git log

to see what changed and make summarized human-readable entries in the CHANGELOG.md file.

Running the Test Suite Locally

Run the test suite locally.

After-Release Checklist

  1. Create a Savannah news post
  2. Scp the tarball and sig to Savannah downloads
  3. Rebuild the website to apply the new version and news, create a tag with the same version as zrythm
  4. Rebuild the manual to apply the new version, create a tag with the same version as zrythm
  5. git archive the manual and scp to Savannah downloads
  6. Announce to social media (Mastodon)
  7. If major version, announce to linux.nosp@m.-aud.nosp@m.io-an.nosp@m.noun.nosp@m.ce@li.nosp@m.sts..nosp@m.linux.nosp@m.audi.nosp@m.o.org