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automation_tracklist.h File Reference

Automation tracklist containing automation points and curves. More...

#include "dsp/automation_track.h"
#include "utils/yaml.h"
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Data Structures

struct  AutomationTracklist
 Each track has an automation tracklist with automation tracks to be generated at runtime, and filled in with automation points/curves when loading projects. More...


typedef struct Automatable Automatable
typedef struct AutomationLane AutomationLane


void automation_tracklist_init (AutomationTracklist *self, Track *track)
COLD NONNULL_ARGS (1) void automation_tracklist_init_loaded(AutomationTracklist *self
 Inits a loaded AutomationTracklist.
Trackautomation_tracklist_get_track (AutomationTracklist *self)
void automation_tracklist_add_at (AutomationTracklist *self, AutomationTrack *at)
void automation_tracklist_print_ats (AutomationTracklist *self)
 Prints info about all the automation tracks.
void automation_tracklist_update_positions (AutomationTracklist *self, bool from_ticks, bool bpm_change)
 Updates the frames of each position in each child of the automation tracklist recursively.
AutomationTrackautomation_tracklist_get_prev_visible_at (AutomationTracklist *self, AutomationTrack *at)
AutomationTrackautomation_tracklist_get_next_visible_at (AutomationTracklist *self, AutomationTrack *at)
NONNULL void automation_tracklist_set_at_visible (AutomationTracklist *self, AutomationTrack *at, bool visible)
AutomationTrackautomation_tracklist_get_visible_at_after_delta (AutomationTracklist *self, AutomationTrack *at, int delta)
 Returns the AutomationTrack after delta visible AutomationTrack's.
int automation_tracklist_get_visible_at_diff (AutomationTracklist *self, const AutomationTrack *src, const AutomationTrack *dest)
void automation_tracklist_update_track_name_hash (AutomationTracklist *self, Track *track)
 Updates the Track position of the Automatable's and AutomationTrack's.
void automation_tracklist_remove_at (AutomationTracklist *self, AutomationTrack *at, bool free, bool fire_events)
 Removes the AutomationTrack from the AutomationTracklist, optionally freeing it.
void automation_tracklist_remove_channel_ats (AutomationTracklist *self, Channel *ch)
 Removes the AutomationTrack's associated with this channel from the AutomationTracklist in the corresponding Track.
void automation_tracklist_clone (AutomationTracklist *src, AutomationTracklist *dest)
 Clones the automation tracklist elements from src to dest.
AutomationTrackautomation_tracklist_get_at_from_port (AutomationTracklist *self, Port *port)
 Returns the AutomationTrack corresponding to the given Port.
void automation_tracklist_unselect_all (AutomationTracklist *self)
 Unselects all arranger objects.
void automation_tracklist_clear (AutomationTracklist *self)
 Removes all objects recursively.
void automation_tracklist_set_at_index (AutomationTracklist *self, AutomationTrack *at, int index, bool push_down)
 Sets the index of the AutomationTrack and swaps it with the AutomationTrack at that index or pushes the other AutomationTrack's down.
AutomationTrackautomation_tracklist_get_plugin_at (AutomationTracklist *self, PluginSlotType slot_type, const int plugin_slot, const int port_index, const char *symbol)
 Gets the automation track matching the given arguments.
WARN_UNUSED_RESULT NONNULL AutomationTrackautomation_tracklist_get_first_invisible_at (AutomationTracklist *self)
NONNULL int automation_tracklist_get_num_visible (AutomationTracklist *self)
 Returns the number of visible AutomationTrack's.
NONNULL bool automation_tracklist_validate (AutomationTracklist *self)
 Verifies the identifiers on a live automation tracklist (in the project, not a clone).
WARN_UNUSED_RESULT NONNULL int automation_tracklist_get_num_regions (AutomationTracklist *self)
 Counts the total number of regions in the automation tracklist.
NONNULL void automation_tracklist_print_regions (AutomationTracklist *self)
NONNULL void automation_tracklist_set_caches (AutomationTracklist *self, CacheTypes types)
NONNULL void automation_tracklist_free_members (AutomationTracklist *self)


COLD Tracktrack

Detailed Description

Automation tracklist containing automation points and curves.

Definition in file automation_tracklist.h.

Typedef Documentation

◆ Automatable

typedef struct Automatable Automatable

Definition at line 19 of file automation_tracklist.h.

◆ AutomationLane

typedef struct AutomationLane AutomationLane

Definition at line 20 of file automation_tracklist.h.