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midi_mapping.h File Reference

Mapping MIDI CC to controls. More...

#include "dsp/ext_port.h"
#include "dsp/port.h"
#include "utils/midi.h"
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Data Structures

struct  MidiMapping
 A mapping from a MIDI value to a destination. More...
struct  MidiMappings
 All MIDI mappings in Zrythm. More...


#define MIDI_MAPPINGS   (PROJECT->midi_mappings)
#define midi_mappings_bind_device(self, buf, dev_port, dest_port, fire_events)
#define midi_mappings_bind_track(self, buf, dest_port, fire_events)


typedef struct _WrappedObjectWithChangeSignal WrappedObjectWithChangeSignal


void midi_mappings_init_loaded (MidiMappings *self)
 Initializes the MidiMappings after a Project is loaded.
MidiMappingsmidi_mappings_new (void)
 Returns a newly allocated MidiMappings.
void midi_mappings_bind_at (MidiMappings *self, midi_byte_t *buf, ExtPort *device_port, Port *dest_port, int idx, bool fire_events)
 Binds the CC represented by the given raw buffer (must be size 3) to the given Port.
void midi_mappings_unbind (MidiMappings *self, int idx, bool fire_events)
 Unbinds the given binding.
MidiMappingmidi_mapping_new (void)
void midi_mapping_set_enabled (MidiMapping *self, bool enabled)
int midi_mapping_get_index (MidiMappings *self, MidiMapping *mapping)
NONNULL MidiMappingmidi_mapping_clone (const MidiMapping *src)
void midi_mapping_free (MidiMapping *self)
void midi_mappings_apply_from_cc_events (MidiMappings *self, MidiEvents *events, bool queued)
 Applies the events to the appropriate mapping.
void midi_mappings_apply (MidiMappings *self, midi_byte_t *buf)
 Applies the given buffer to the matching ports.
int midi_mappings_get_for_port (MidiMappings *self, Port *dest_port, GPtrArray *arr)
 Get MIDI mappings for the given port.
MidiMappingsmidi_mappings_clone (const MidiMappings *src)
void midi_mappings_free (MidiMappings *self)

Detailed Description

Mapping MIDI CC to controls.

Definition in file midi_mapping.h.

Typedef Documentation

◆ WrappedObjectWithChangeSignal

typedef struct _WrappedObjectWithChangeSignal WrappedObjectWithChangeSignal

Definition at line 17 of file midi_mapping.h.