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ChannelSendWidget Struct Reference
Collaboration diagram for ChannelSendWidget:

Data Fields

GtkWidget parent_instance
GtkGestureClick * click
GtkGestureDrag * drag
double start_x
double last_offset_x
float send_amount_at_start
int n_press
 For multipress.
GtkGestureClick * right_mouse_mp
char * cache_tooltip
 Cache tooltip string.
PangoLayout * txt_layout
bool was_empty
 Flag used for adding/removing .empty CSS class.
GtkPopoverMenu * popover_menu
 Popover to be reused for context menus.

Detailed Description

Definition at line 32 of file channel_send.h.

Field Documentation

◆ cache_tooltip

char* ChannelSendWidget::cache_tooltip

Cache tooltip string.

Definition at line 53 of file channel_send.h.

◆ click

GtkGestureClick* ChannelSendWidget::click

Definition at line 39 of file channel_send.h.

◆ drag

GtkGestureDrag* ChannelSendWidget::drag

Definition at line 40 of file channel_send.h.

◆ last_offset_x

double ChannelSendWidget::last_offset_x

Definition at line 43 of file channel_send.h.

◆ n_press

int ChannelSendWidget::n_press

For multipress.

Definition at line 48 of file channel_send.h.

◆ parent_instance

GtkWidget ChannelSendWidget::parent_instance

Definition at line 34 of file channel_send.h.

◆ popover_menu

GtkPopoverMenu* ChannelSendWidget::popover_menu

Popover to be reused for context menus.

Definition at line 62 of file channel_send.h.

◆ right_mouse_mp

GtkGestureClick* ChannelSendWidget::right_mouse_mp

Definition at line 50 of file channel_send.h.

◆ selector_popover

ChannelSendSelectorWidget* ChannelSendWidget::selector_popover

Definition at line 64 of file channel_send.h.

◆ send

ChannelSend* ChannelSendWidget::send


Definition at line 37 of file channel_send.h.

◆ send_amount_at_start

float ChannelSendWidget::send_amount_at_start

Definition at line 45 of file channel_send.h.

◆ start_x

double ChannelSendWidget::start_x

Definition at line 42 of file channel_send.h.

◆ txt_layout

PangoLayout* ChannelSendWidget::txt_layout

Definition at line 55 of file channel_send.h.

◆ was_empty

bool ChannelSendWidget::was_empty

Flag used for adding/removing .empty CSS class.

Definition at line 59 of file channel_send.h.

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