AutomationModeWidget struct

Custom button group to be drawn inside drawing areas.


Public variables

double x
X/y relative to parent drawing area.
int width
Total width/height.
int text_widths
Width of each button, including padding.
AutomationMode hit_mode
Currently hit mode.
GdkRGBA def_color
Default color.
GdkRGBA hovered_color
Hovered color.
GdkRGBA toggled_colors
Toggled color.
GdkRGBA held_colors
Held color (used after clicking and before releasing).
double aspect
Aspect ratio for the rounded rectangle.
double corner_radius
Corner curvature radius for the rounded rectangle.
CustomButtonWidgetState last_states
Used to update caches if state changed.
CustomButtonWidgetState current_states
Used during drawing.
GdkRGBA last_colors
Used during transitions.
PangoLayout* layout
Cache layout for drawing text.
AutomationTrack* owner
int transition_frames
Frames left for a transition in color.