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MainNotebookWidget Struct Reference
Collaboration diagram for MainNotebookWidget:

Data Fields

GtkWidget parent_instance
PanelFrame * panel_frame
GtkPaned * timeline_plus_event_viewer_paned
 Event viewr + timeline panel.
GtkBox * cc_bindings_box
CcBindingsWidget * cc_bindings
GtkBox * port_connections_box
PortConnectionsWidget * port_connections
GtkBox * scenes_box

Detailed Description

Definition at line 40 of file main_notebook.h.

Field Documentation

◆ cc_bindings

CcBindingsWidget* MainNotebookWidget::cc_bindings

Definition at line 52 of file main_notebook.h.

◆ cc_bindings_box

GtkBox* MainNotebookWidget::cc_bindings_box

Definition at line 51 of file main_notebook.h.

◆ event_viewer

EventViewerWidget* MainNotebookWidget::event_viewer

Definition at line 49 of file main_notebook.h.

◆ panel_frame

PanelFrame* MainNotebookWidget::panel_frame

Definition at line 44 of file main_notebook.h.

◆ parent_instance

GtkWidget MainNotebookWidget::parent_instance

Definition at line 42 of file main_notebook.h.

◆ port_connections

PortConnectionsWidget* MainNotebookWidget::port_connections

Definition at line 55 of file main_notebook.h.

◆ port_connections_box

GtkBox* MainNotebookWidget::port_connections_box

Definition at line 54 of file main_notebook.h.

◆ scenes_box

GtkBox* MainNotebookWidget::scenes_box

Definition at line 57 of file main_notebook.h.

◆ timeline_panel

TimelinePanelWidget* MainNotebookWidget::timeline_panel

Definition at line 48 of file main_notebook.h.

◆ timeline_plus_event_viewer_paned

GtkPaned* MainNotebookWidget::timeline_plus_event_viewer_paned

Event viewr + timeline panel.

Definition at line 47 of file main_notebook.h.

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