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BounceDialogWidget Struct Reference

The export dialog. More...

#include <gui/widgets/dialogs/bounce_dialog.h>

Collaboration diagram for BounceDialogWidget:

Data Fields

GtkDialog parent_instance
GtkButton * cancel_btn
GtkButton * bounce_btn
GtkCheckButton * bounce_with_parents
GtkCheckButton * disable_after_bounce
GtkBox * bounce_step_box
BounceStepSelectorWidget * bounce_step_selector
GtkSpinButton * tail_spin
BounceDialogWidgetType type
int bounce_to_file
 Whether to bounce to file instead of on a new audio track (TODO, or make it a gsetting).
Position start_pos
char * bounce_name

Detailed Description

The export dialog.

Definition at line 46 of file bounce_dialog.h.

Field Documentation

◆ bounce_btn

GtkButton* BounceDialogWidget::bounce_btn

Definition at line 50 of file bounce_dialog.h.

◆ bounce_name

char* BounceDialogWidget::bounce_name

Definition at line 65 of file bounce_dialog.h.

◆ bounce_step_box

GtkBox* BounceDialogWidget::bounce_step_box

Definition at line 53 of file bounce_dialog.h.

◆ bounce_step_selector

BounceStepSelectorWidget* BounceDialogWidget::bounce_step_selector

Definition at line 54 of file bounce_dialog.h.

◆ bounce_to_file

int BounceDialogWidget::bounce_to_file

Whether to bounce to file instead of on a new audio track (TODO, or make it a gsetting).

Definition at line 61 of file bounce_dialog.h.

◆ bounce_with_parents

GtkCheckButton* BounceDialogWidget::bounce_with_parents

Definition at line 51 of file bounce_dialog.h.

◆ cancel_btn

GtkButton* BounceDialogWidget::cancel_btn

Definition at line 49 of file bounce_dialog.h.

◆ disable_after_bounce

GtkCheckButton* BounceDialogWidget::disable_after_bounce

Definition at line 52 of file bounce_dialog.h.

◆ parent_instance

GtkDialog BounceDialogWidget::parent_instance

Definition at line 48 of file bounce_dialog.h.

◆ start_pos

Position BounceDialogWidget::start_pos

Definition at line 63 of file bounce_dialog.h.

◆ tail_spin

GtkSpinButton* BounceDialogWidget::tail_spin

Definition at line 55 of file bounce_dialog.h.

◆ type

BounceDialogWidgetType BounceDialogWidget::type

Definition at line 57 of file bounce_dialog.h.

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