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GreeterWidget Struct Reference

This widget handles the UI part of the initialization of Zrythm and presents a project selector when ready so that a project can be opened. More...

#include <gui/widgets/greeter.h>

Data Fields

AdwWindow parent_instance
GtkStack * stack
 Stack for transitioning between progress -> project selector.
AdwCarousel * welcome_carousel
guint welcome_carousel_page_idx
GtkButton * welcome_carousel_prev_btn
GtkButton * welcome_carousel_next_btn
GtkButton * continue_to_config_btn
AdwStatusPage * read_manual_status_page
AdwStatusPage * donate_status_page
AdwStatusPage * about_flatpak_status_page
AdwNavigationView * nav_view
AdwNavigationPage * nav_config_page
AdwPreferencesPage * pref_page
AdwComboRow * language_dropdown
GtkLabel * lang_error_txt
IdeFileChooserEntry * fc_entry
GtkButton * config_ok_btn
GtkButton * config_reset_btn
AdwStatusPage * status_page
GtkProgressBar * progress_bar
ZixSem progress_status_lock
 Semaphore for setting the progress from multiple threads.
double progress
 Progress done (0.0 ~ 1.0).
char title [800]
char description [800]
AdwNavigationView * open_prj_navigation_view
AdwPreferencesGroup * recent_projects_pref_group
GPtrArray * project_infos_arr
GPtrArray * recent_projects_item_factories
GtkButton * create_new_project_btn
GtkButton * select_folder_btn
AdwNavigationPage * create_project_nav_page
AdwEntryRow * project_title_row
AdwActionRow * project_parent_dir_row
IdeFileChooserEntry * project_parent_dir_fc
AdwComboRow * templates_combo_row
CcListRowInfoButton * templates_info_button
GPtrArray * templates_arr
GPtrArray * templates_item_factories
AdwPreferencesGroup * templates_pref_group
GtkButton * create_project_confirm_btn
char * template_
bool zrythm_already_running
guint tick_cb_id
GThread * init_thread
 Initialization thread.

Detailed Description

This widget handles the UI part of the initialization of Zrythm and presents a project selector when ready so that a project can be opened.

Projects are opened in a MainWindowWidget when this widget is disposed.

Definition at line 45 of file greeter.h.

Field Documentation

◆ about_flatpak_status_page

AdwStatusPage* GreeterWidget::about_flatpak_status_page

Definition at line 61 of file greeter.h.

◆ config_ok_btn

GtkButton* GreeterWidget::config_ok_btn

Definition at line 70 of file greeter.h.

◆ config_reset_btn

GtkButton* GreeterWidget::config_reset_btn

Definition at line 71 of file greeter.h.

◆ continue_to_config_btn

GtkButton* GreeterWidget::continue_to_config_btn

Definition at line 58 of file greeter.h.

◆ create_new_project_btn

GtkButton* GreeterWidget::create_new_project_btn

Definition at line 96 of file greeter.h.

◆ create_project_confirm_btn

GtkButton* GreeterWidget::create_project_confirm_btn

Definition at line 108 of file greeter.h.

◆ create_project_nav_page

AdwNavigationPage* GreeterWidget::create_project_nav_page

Definition at line 99 of file greeter.h.

◆ description

char GreeterWidget::description[800]

Definition at line 87 of file greeter.h.

◆ donate_status_page

AdwStatusPage* GreeterWidget::donate_status_page

Definition at line 60 of file greeter.h.

◆ fc_entry

IdeFileChooserEntry* GreeterWidget::fc_entry

Definition at line 69 of file greeter.h.

◆ init_thread

GThread* GreeterWidget::init_thread

Initialization thread.

Definition at line 119 of file greeter.h.

◆ lang_error_txt

GtkLabel* GreeterWidget::lang_error_txt

Definition at line 68 of file greeter.h.

◆ language_dropdown

AdwComboRow* GreeterWidget::language_dropdown

Definition at line 67 of file greeter.h.

◆ nav_config_page

AdwNavigationPage* GreeterWidget::nav_config_page

Definition at line 64 of file greeter.h.

◆ nav_view

AdwNavigationView* GreeterWidget::nav_view

Definition at line 63 of file greeter.h.

◆ open_prj_navigation_view

AdwNavigationView* GreeterWidget::open_prj_navigation_view

Definition at line 91 of file greeter.h.

◆ parent_instance

AdwWindow GreeterWidget::parent_instance

Definition at line 47 of file greeter.h.

◆ pref_page

AdwPreferencesPage* GreeterWidget::pref_page

Definition at line 66 of file greeter.h.

◆ progress

double GreeterWidget::progress

Progress done (0.0 ~ 1.0).

Definition at line 84 of file greeter.h.

◆ progress_bar

GtkProgressBar* GreeterWidget::progress_bar

Definition at line 78 of file greeter.h.

◆ progress_status_lock

ZixSem GreeterWidget::progress_status_lock

Semaphore for setting the progress from multiple threads.

Definition at line 81 of file greeter.h.

◆ project_infos_arr

GPtrArray* GreeterWidget::project_infos_arr

Definition at line 94 of file greeter.h.

◆ project_parent_dir_fc

IdeFileChooserEntry* GreeterWidget::project_parent_dir_fc

Definition at line 102 of file greeter.h.

◆ project_parent_dir_row

AdwActionRow* GreeterWidget::project_parent_dir_row

Definition at line 101 of file greeter.h.

◆ project_title_row

AdwEntryRow* GreeterWidget::project_title_row

Definition at line 100 of file greeter.h.

◆ read_manual_status_page

AdwStatusPage* GreeterWidget::read_manual_status_page

Definition at line 59 of file greeter.h.

◆ recent_projects_item_factories

GPtrArray* GreeterWidget::recent_projects_item_factories

Definition at line 95 of file greeter.h.

◆ recent_projects_pref_group

AdwPreferencesGroup* GreeterWidget::recent_projects_pref_group

Definition at line 93 of file greeter.h.

◆ select_folder_btn

GtkButton* GreeterWidget::select_folder_btn

Definition at line 97 of file greeter.h.

◆ stack

GtkStack* GreeterWidget::stack

Stack for transitioning between progress -> project selector.

Definition at line 50 of file greeter.h.

◆ status_page

AdwStatusPage* GreeterWidget::status_page

Definition at line 75 of file greeter.h.

◆ template_

char* GreeterWidget::template_

Definition at line 110 of file greeter.h.

◆ templates_arr

GPtrArray* GreeterWidget::templates_arr

Definition at line 105 of file greeter.h.

◆ templates_combo_row

AdwComboRow* GreeterWidget::templates_combo_row

Definition at line 103 of file greeter.h.

◆ templates_info_button

CcListRowInfoButton* GreeterWidget::templates_info_button

Definition at line 104 of file greeter.h.

◆ templates_item_factories

GPtrArray* GreeterWidget::templates_item_factories

Definition at line 106 of file greeter.h.

◆ templates_pref_group

AdwPreferencesGroup* GreeterWidget::templates_pref_group

Definition at line 107 of file greeter.h.

◆ tick_cb_id

guint GreeterWidget::tick_cb_id

Definition at line 116 of file greeter.h.

◆ title

char GreeterWidget::title[800]

Definition at line 86 of file greeter.h.

◆ welcome_carousel

AdwCarousel* GreeterWidget::welcome_carousel

Definition at line 54 of file greeter.h.

◆ welcome_carousel_next_btn

GtkButton* GreeterWidget::welcome_carousel_next_btn

Definition at line 57 of file greeter.h.

◆ welcome_carousel_page_idx

guint GreeterWidget::welcome_carousel_page_idx

Definition at line 55 of file greeter.h.

◆ welcome_carousel_prev_btn

GtkButton* GreeterWidget::welcome_carousel_prev_btn

Definition at line 56 of file greeter.h.

◆ zrythm_already_running

bool GreeterWidget::zrythm_already_running

Definition at line 112 of file greeter.h.

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