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MainWindowWidget Struct Reference

The main window of Zrythm. More...

#include <gui/widgets/main_window.h>

Collaboration diagram for MainWindowWidget:

Data Fields

AdwApplicationWindow parent_instance
PanelToggleButton * start_dock_switcher
AdwWindowTitle * window_title
PanelToggleButton * end_dock_switcher
AdwSplitButton * undo_btn
AdwSplitButton * redo_btn
GtkBox * header_start_box
GtkBox * header_end_box
GtkButton * z_icon
GtkBox * center_box
int is_fullscreen
int height
int width
AdwToastOverlay * toast_overlay
bool preferences_opened
 Whether preferences window is opened.
bool log_has_pending_warnings
 Whether log has pending warnings (if true, the log viewer button will have an emblem until clicked).
bool setup
 Whether set up already or not.

Detailed Description

The main window of Zrythm.

Inherits from GtkApplicationWindow, meaning that it is the parent of all other sub-windows of Zrythm.

Definition at line 48 of file main_window.h.

Field Documentation

◆ bot_bar

BotBarWidget* MainWindowWidget::bot_bar

Definition at line 67 of file main_window.h.

◆ center_box

GtkBox* MainWindowWidget::center_box

Definition at line 65 of file main_window.h.

◆ center_dock

CenterDockWidget* MainWindowWidget::center_dock

Definition at line 66 of file main_window.h.

◆ end_dock_switcher

PanelToggleButton* MainWindowWidget::end_dock_switcher

Definition at line 54 of file main_window.h.

◆ header_end_box

GtkBox* MainWindowWidget::header_end_box

Definition at line 62 of file main_window.h.

◆ header_start_box

GtkBox* MainWindowWidget::header_start_box

Definition at line 61 of file main_window.h.

◆ height

int MainWindowWidget::height

Definition at line 69 of file main_window.h.

◆ is_fullscreen

int MainWindowWidget::is_fullscreen

Definition at line 68 of file main_window.h.

◆ log_has_pending_warnings

bool MainWindowWidget::log_has_pending_warnings

Whether log has pending warnings (if true, the log viewer button will have an emblem until clicked).

Definition at line 79 of file main_window.h.

◆ parent_instance

AdwApplicationWindow MainWindowWidget::parent_instance

Definition at line 50 of file main_window.h.

◆ preferences_opened

bool MainWindowWidget::preferences_opened

Whether preferences window is opened.

Definition at line 74 of file main_window.h.

◆ redo_btn

AdwSplitButton* MainWindowWidget::redo_btn

Definition at line 59 of file main_window.h.

◆ setup

bool MainWindowWidget::setup

Whether set up already or not.

Definition at line 82 of file main_window.h.

◆ start_dock_switcher

PanelToggleButton* MainWindowWidget::start_dock_switcher

Definition at line 52 of file main_window.h.

◆ toast_overlay

AdwToastOverlay* MainWindowWidget::toast_overlay

Definition at line 71 of file main_window.h.

◆ toolbox

ToolboxWidget* MainWindowWidget::toolbox

Definition at line 56 of file main_window.h.

◆ undo_btn

AdwSplitButton* MainWindowWidget::undo_btn

Definition at line 58 of file main_window.h.

◆ width

int MainWindowWidget::width

Definition at line 70 of file main_window.h.

◆ window_title

AdwWindowTitle* MainWindowWidget::window_title

Definition at line 53 of file main_window.h.

◆ z_icon

GtkButton* MainWindowWidget::z_icon

Definition at line 63 of file main_window.h.

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