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PluginBrowserWidget Struct Reference

The plugin browser allows to browse and filter available Plugin's on the system. More...

#include <gui/widgets/plugin_browser.h>

Collaboration diagram for PluginBrowserWidget:

Data Fields

GtkWidget parent_instance
GtkPaned * paned
AdwViewSwitcher * stack_switcher
 The stack switcher.
GtkBox * stack_switcher_box
AdwViewStack * stack
 The stack containing collection/category/ protocol.
GtkBox * collection_box
GtkBox * author_box
GtkBox * category_box
GtkBox * protocol_box
GtkScrolledWindow * plugin_scroll
GtkListView * collection_list_view
GtkListView * author_list_view
GtkListView * category_list_view
GtkListView * protocol_list_view
GtkSearchEntry * plugin_search_entry
GtkListView * plugin_list_view
GtkBox * browser_bot
 Browser bot.
GtkBox * plugin_toolbar
GtkToggleButton * toggle_instruments
GtkToggleButton * toggle_effects
GtkToggleButton * toggle_modulators
GtkToggleButton * toggle_midi_modifiers
GtkToggleButton * alpha_sort_btn
GtkToggleButton * last_used_sort_btn
GtkToggleButton * most_used_sort_btn
GtkLabel * plugin_author_label
 A label to show info about the currently selected Plugin.
GtkLabel * plugin_type_label
GtkLabel * plugin_audio_label
GtkLabel * plugin_midi_label
GtkLabel * plugin_ctrl_label
GtkLabel * plugin_cv_label
GArray * selected_authors
 Symbol IDs (for quick comparison) of selected authors.
GArray * selected_categories
 Selected categories (ZPluginCategory).
GArray * selected_protocols
 Selected protocols (ZPluginProtocol).
GPtrArray * selected_collections
 Pointers to the collections (PluginCollection instances) from PluginManager.collections that must not be free'd.
GtkCustomFilter * plugin_filter
 List view -> selection model -> filter model.
GtkFilterListModel * plugin_filter_model
GtkCustomSorter * plugin_sorter
GtkSortListModel * plugin_sort_model
GPtrArray * item_factories
 Array of ItemFactory.
int start_saving_pos
 A little hack to get the paned position to get set from the gsettings when first created.
int first_time_position_set
gint64 first_time_position_set_time
char * current_search
 Current search string.
 Symbol map for string interning.
GtkPopoverMenu * popover_menu
 Popover to be reused for context menus.

Detailed Description

The plugin browser allows to browse and filter available Plugin's on the system.

It contains references to PluginDescriptor's, which it uses to initialize Plugin's on row activation or drag-n-drop.

Definition at line 70 of file plugin_browser.h.

Field Documentation

◆ alpha_sort_btn

GtkToggleButton* PluginBrowserWidget::alpha_sort_btn

Definition at line 112 of file plugin_browser.h.

◆ author_box

GtkBox* PluginBrowserWidget::author_box

Definition at line 86 of file plugin_browser.h.

◆ author_list_view

GtkListView* PluginBrowserWidget::author_list_view

Definition at line 93 of file plugin_browser.h.

◆ browser_bot

GtkBox* PluginBrowserWidget::browser_bot

Browser bot.

Definition at line 101 of file plugin_browser.h.

◆ category_box

GtkBox* PluginBrowserWidget::category_box

Definition at line 87 of file plugin_browser.h.

◆ category_list_view

GtkListView* PluginBrowserWidget::category_list_view

Definition at line 94 of file plugin_browser.h.

◆ collection_box

GtkBox* PluginBrowserWidget::collection_box

Definition at line 85 of file plugin_browser.h.

◆ collection_list_view

GtkListView* PluginBrowserWidget::collection_list_view

Definition at line 92 of file plugin_browser.h.

◆ current_search

char* PluginBrowserWidget::current_search

Current search string.

Definition at line 160 of file plugin_browser.h.

◆ first_time_position_set

int PluginBrowserWidget::first_time_position_set

Definition at line 156 of file plugin_browser.h.

◆ first_time_position_set_time

gint64 PluginBrowserWidget::first_time_position_set_time

Definition at line 157 of file plugin_browser.h.

◆ item_factories

GPtrArray* PluginBrowserWidget::item_factories

Array of ItemFactory.

Definition at line 145 of file plugin_browser.h.

◆ last_used_sort_btn

GtkToggleButton* PluginBrowserWidget::last_used_sort_btn

Definition at line 113 of file plugin_browser.h.

◆ most_used_sort_btn

GtkToggleButton* PluginBrowserWidget::most_used_sort_btn

Definition at line 114 of file plugin_browser.h.

◆ paned

GtkPaned* PluginBrowserWidget::paned

Definition at line 74 of file plugin_browser.h.

◆ parent_instance

GtkWidget PluginBrowserWidget::parent_instance

Definition at line 72 of file plugin_browser.h.

◆ plugin_audio_label

GtkLabel* PluginBrowserWidget::plugin_audio_label

Definition at line 120 of file plugin_browser.h.

◆ plugin_author_label

GtkLabel* PluginBrowserWidget::plugin_author_label

A label to show info about the currently selected Plugin.

Definition at line 118 of file plugin_browser.h.

◆ plugin_ctrl_label

GtkLabel* PluginBrowserWidget::plugin_ctrl_label

Definition at line 122 of file plugin_browser.h.

◆ plugin_cv_label

GtkLabel* PluginBrowserWidget::plugin_cv_label

Definition at line 123 of file plugin_browser.h.

◆ plugin_filter

GtkCustomFilter* PluginBrowserWidget::plugin_filter

List view -> selection model -> filter model.

Definition at line 139 of file plugin_browser.h.

◆ plugin_filter_model

GtkFilterListModel* PluginBrowserWidget::plugin_filter_model

Definition at line 140 of file plugin_browser.h.

◆ plugin_list_view

GtkListView* PluginBrowserWidget::plugin_list_view

Definition at line 98 of file plugin_browser.h.

◆ plugin_midi_label

GtkLabel* PluginBrowserWidget::plugin_midi_label

Definition at line 121 of file plugin_browser.h.

◆ plugin_scroll

GtkScrolledWindow* PluginBrowserWidget::plugin_scroll

Definition at line 89 of file plugin_browser.h.

◆ plugin_search_entry

GtkSearchEntry* PluginBrowserWidget::plugin_search_entry

Definition at line 97 of file plugin_browser.h.

◆ plugin_sort_model

GtkSortListModel* PluginBrowserWidget::plugin_sort_model

Definition at line 142 of file plugin_browser.h.

◆ plugin_sorter

GtkCustomSorter* PluginBrowserWidget::plugin_sorter

Definition at line 141 of file plugin_browser.h.

◆ plugin_toolbar

GtkBox* PluginBrowserWidget::plugin_toolbar

Definition at line 105 of file plugin_browser.h.

◆ plugin_type_label

GtkLabel* PluginBrowserWidget::plugin_type_label

Definition at line 119 of file plugin_browser.h.

◆ popover_menu

GtkPopoverMenu* PluginBrowserWidget::popover_menu

Popover to be reused for context menus.

Definition at line 166 of file plugin_browser.h.

◆ protocol_box

GtkBox* PluginBrowserWidget::protocol_box

Definition at line 88 of file plugin_browser.h.

◆ protocol_list_view

GtkListView* PluginBrowserWidget::protocol_list_view

Definition at line 95 of file plugin_browser.h.

◆ selected_authors

GArray* PluginBrowserWidget::selected_authors

Symbol IDs (for quick comparison) of selected authors.

Definition at line 126 of file plugin_browser.h.

◆ selected_categories

GArray* PluginBrowserWidget::selected_categories

Selected categories (ZPluginCategory).

Definition at line 129 of file plugin_browser.h.

◆ selected_collections

GPtrArray* PluginBrowserWidget::selected_collections

Pointers to the collections (PluginCollection instances) from PluginManager.collections that must not be free'd.

Definition at line 136 of file plugin_browser.h.

◆ selected_protocols

GArray* PluginBrowserWidget::selected_protocols

Selected protocols (ZPluginProtocol).

Definition at line 132 of file plugin_browser.h.

◆ stack

AdwViewStack* PluginBrowserWidget::stack

The stack containing collection/category/ protocol.

Definition at line 82 of file plugin_browser.h.

◆ stack_switcher

AdwViewSwitcher* PluginBrowserWidget::stack_switcher

The stack switcher.

Definition at line 77 of file plugin_browser.h.

◆ stack_switcher_box

GtkBox* PluginBrowserWidget::stack_switcher_box

Definition at line 78 of file plugin_browser.h.

◆ start_saving_pos

int PluginBrowserWidget::start_saving_pos

A little hack to get the paned position to get set from the gsettings when first created.

Had problems where the position was quickly overwritten by something random within 300 ms of widget creation.

Definition at line 155 of file plugin_browser.h.

◆ symap

Symap* PluginBrowserWidget::symap

Symbol map for string interning.

Definition at line 163 of file plugin_browser.h.

◆ toggle_effects

GtkToggleButton* PluginBrowserWidget::toggle_effects

Definition at line 108 of file plugin_browser.h.

◆ toggle_instruments

GtkToggleButton* PluginBrowserWidget::toggle_instruments

Definition at line 107 of file plugin_browser.h.

◆ toggle_midi_modifiers

GtkToggleButton* PluginBrowserWidget::toggle_midi_modifiers

Definition at line 110 of file plugin_browser.h.

◆ toggle_modulators

GtkToggleButton* PluginBrowserWidget::toggle_modulators

Definition at line 109 of file plugin_browser.h.

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