gui/widgets/ directory

GUI Widgets.



file about_dialog.h
About dialog.
file arranger_bg.h
Arranger background.
file arranger_object.h
Macros for arranger object widgets.
file audio_bus_track.h
Bus track for effects.
file audio_editor_space.h
Audio editor space.
file audio_group_track.h
Bus track for effects.
file automation_arranger.h
Automation arranger API.
file automation_arranger_bg.h
The background (main overlay child) of the AutomationArrangerWidget.
file automation_editor_space.h
Automation editor space.
file automation_point.h
Automation Point.
file automation_region.h
Widget for MIDI regions, inheriting from RegionWidget.
file automation_tracklist.h
A multi-paned holding multiple AutomationLaneWidget s.
file bar_slider.h
Custom slider widget.
file bot_bar.h
Bottomest bar.
file bot_dock_edge.h
Bot dock.
file center_dock.h
Center dock.
file chord_arranger_bg.h
The background (main overlay child) of the ChordArrangerWidget.
file chord_button.h
A button-like Chord pad used in the ChordPadWidget.
file chord_editor_space.h
Chord editor space.
file chord_object.h
Widget for ChordObject.
file chord_pad.h
Chord pad in the bottom panel.
file chord_region.h
Widget for MIDI regions, inheriting from RegionWidget.
file chord_selector_window.h
ChordDescriptor selector popover.
file clip_editor_inner.h
Piano roll widget.
file color_area.h
Color picker for a channel strip.
file control_room.h
The control rooom.
file cpu.h
Cpu widget.
file create_project_dialog.h
Create project dialog.
file digital_meter.h
Digital meter used for displaying Position, BPM, etc.
file editor_ruler.h
MIDI ruler.
file editor_selection_info.h
PianoRoll selection info.
file event_viewer.h
Event viewer.
file export_dialog.h
Export dialog.
file export_progress_dialog.h
Export progress dialog.
file fader.h
Fader widget.
file file_browser.h
File browser widget.
file file_browser_window.h
Wrapper for a FileBrowserWidget.
file foldable_notebook.h
A foldable GtkNotebook.
file header_notebook.h
Header notebook.
file inspector_track.h
Inspector section for tracks.
file instrument_track.h
Widget for InstrumentTrack.
file knob.h
Basic knob widget, taken from Ardour.
file live_waveform.h
Live waveform display like LMMS.
file marker.h
Marker widget.
file marker_dialog.h
Dialog to change Marker name.
file midi_activity_bar.h
MIDI activity bar for tracks.
file midi_arranger_bg.h
MIDI arranger background.
file midi_bus_track.h
Bus track for effects.
file midi_editor_space.h
Piano roll widget.
file midi_group_track.h
Bus track for effects.
file midi_note.h
MidiNote widget API.
file midi_region.h
Widget for MIDI regions, inheriting from RegionWidget.
file midi_track.h
Widget for MidiTrack.
file modulator_view.h
Modulator view in the bottom panel.
file pinned_tracklist.h
The ruler tracklist contains special tracks that are shown above the normal tracklist (Chord tracks, Marker tracks, etc.).
file plugin_browser.h
Plugin browser.
file port_selector_popover.h
Port selector popover.
file ports_expander.h
Ports expander widget.
file project_assistant.h
Start assistant to be shown on startup to select a project.
file quantize_dialog.h
Quantize dialog.
file region.h
Base widget class for Region's.
file right_dock_edge.h
Right panel.
file ruler_marker.h
Ruler marker.
file ruler_range.h
Ruler range box.
file scale_object.h
Widget for ScaleObject.
file scale_selector_window.h
MusicalScale selector popover.
file selection_info.h
Widget for showing info about the current selection.
file slider_bar.h
A slider widget that looks like a progress bar.
file timeline_arranger.h
Timeline arranger API.
file timeline_bg.h
The background (main overlay child) of the TimelineArrangerWidget.
file timeline_bot_box.h
Bot part of timeline panel (with timeline minimap).
file timeline_minimap.h
Timeline minimap.
file timeline_panel.h
Timeline panel.
file timeline_ruler.h
Timeline ruler derived from base ruler.
file timeline_selection_info.h
Timeline selection info.
file timeline_toolbar.h
Timeline toolbar.
file track.h
Track base widget to be inherited.
file track_lanelist.h
A multi-paned holding multiple TrackLaneWidgets.
file track_properties_expander.h
Track properties box.
file track_top_grid.h
Widget for TrackTopGrid.
file track_visibility_tree.h
Track visibility list store.
file velocity.h
Velocity widget.