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widgets Directory Reference

GUI Widgets.


Directory dependency graph for widgets:




 Active hardware menu button.
 Button with a popover menu to add new tracks.
 Arranger base widget.
 Draw functions for ArrangerWidget - split to make file smaller.
 Arranger minimap.
 Arranger minimap bg.
 Arranger minimap selection.
 ArrangerObject related functions for the GUI.
 Wrapper over arranger widget.
 Audio editor space.
 Automation arranger API.
 Automation editor space.
 Automation mode.
 Automation Point.
 Custom slider widget.
 Bottomest bar.
 Bot dock.
 Bounce step selector.
 Button with an arrow on the right side for a menu.
 CC Bindings matrix.
 CC Bindings tree.
 Center dock.
 Channel send widget.
 Channel send selector widget.
 Channel sends.
 Channel slot.
 Channel slot activate button.
 Chord editor space.
 Widget for ChordObject.
 Single chord pad.
 Chord pad panel in the bottom panel.
 Widget for MIDI regions, inheriting from RegionWidget.
 ChordDescriptor selector popover.
 Clip editor inner widget.
 Color picker for a channel strip.
 Cpu widget.
 Custom button to be drawn inside drawing areas.
 Custom image.
 Digital meter used for displaying Position, BPM, etc.
 Drag dest box.
 MIDI ruler.
 PianoRoll selection info.
 Event viewer.
 Expander box.
 Fader widget.
 Channel slot.
 Fader controls expander.
 Channel slot.
 File auditioner controls.
 File auditioner controls.
 A foldable GtkNotebook.
 Folder channel widget.
 Inspector section for plugins.
 Inspector port widget.
 Inspector section for tracks.
 Item factory.
 Basic knob widget, taken from Ardour.
 Left dock.
 Live waveform display like LMMS.
 Log viewer.
 Timeline panel.
 Marker widget.
 MIDI activity bar for tracks.
 Piano roll widget.
 MidiNote widget API.
 Mixer widget.
 ModulatorMacro macro knob.
 Modulator view in the bottom panel.
 Monitor section panel.
 Multiple selection widget.
 Piano keyboard widget.
 Piano roll keys canvas.
 The ruler tracklist contains special tracks that are shown above the normal tracklist (Chord tracks, Marker tracks, etc.).
 Plugin browser.
 PluginProperties expander widget.
 Plugin strip expander widget.
 CC Bindings matrix.
 Port connections tree.
 Ports expander widget.
 Preferences widget.
 Bounce step selector.
 Base widget class for Region's.
 Right panel.
 Ruler parent class.
 Widget for ScaleObject.
 MusicalScale selector popover.
 Widget for showing info about the current selection.
 SpectrumAnalyzer widget.
 String list item factory.
 Text expander widget.
 Timeline arranger API.
 Timeline panel.
 Timeline ruler derived from base ruler.
 Timeline selection info.
 Timeline toolbar.
 Track widget to be shown in the tracklist.
 Track canvas.
 Track properties box.
 Composite widget above the tracklist.
 Transport controls widget.
 Velocity widget.
 Velocity settings buttons.

Detailed Description

GUI Widgets.