gui/widgets/automation_arranger.h file

Automation arranger API.



void automation_arranger_widget_create_ap(ArrangerWidget* self, const Position* pos, const double start_y, ZRegion* region, bool autofilling)
Create an AutomationPointat the given Position in the given Track's AutomationTrack.
void automation_arranger_widget_resize_curves(ArrangerWidget* self, double offset_y)
Change curviness of selected curves.
auto automation_arranger_widget_gen_context_menu(ArrangerWidget* self, GMenu* menu, double x, double y) -> GMenu*
Generate a context menu at x, y.
auto automation_arranger_move_hit_aps(ArrangerWidget* self, double x, double y) -> bool
Called when using the edit tool.


Padding to leave before and after the usable vertical range for automation.