gui/widgets/automation_point.h file

Automation Point.



auto automation_point_is_point_hit(AutomationPoint* self, double x, double y) -> bool
Returns if the automation point (circle) is hit.
auto automation_point_is_curve_hit(AutomationPoint* self, double x, double y, double delta_from_curve) -> bool
Returns if the automation curve is hit.
auto automation_point_settings_changed(const AutomationPoint* self, const GdkRectangle* draw_rect, bool timeline) -> bool
Returns whether the cached render node for self needs to be invalidated.
void automation_point_draw(AutomationPoint* ap, GtkSnapshot* snapshot, GdkRectangle* rect, PangoLayout* layout)
Draws the AutomationPoint in the given cairo context in absolute coordinates.