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folder_channel.h File Reference

Folder channel widget. More...

#include "gtk_wrapper.h"
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Data Structures

struct  FolderChannelWidget


#define FOLDER_CHANNEL_WIDGET_TYPE   (folder_channel_widget_get_type ())


typedef struct _FolderChannelSlotWidget FolderChannelSlotWidget
typedef struct _EditableLabelWidget EditableLabelWidget
typedef struct _FaderButtonsWidget FaderButtonsWidget


 G_DECLARE_FINAL_TYPE (FolderChannelWidget, folder_channel_widget, Z, FOLDER_CHANNEL_WIDGET, GtkWidget) typedef struct _ColorAreaWidget ColorAreaWidget
FolderChannelWidgetfolder_channel_widget_new (Track *track)
 Creates a folder_channel widget using the given folder_channel data.
void folder_channel_widget_tear_down (FolderChannelWidget *self)
void folder_channel_widget_refresh (FolderChannelWidget *self)
 Updates everything on the widget.
void folder_channel_widget_show (FolderChannelWidget *self)
 Displays the widget.

Detailed Description

Folder channel widget.

Definition in file folder_channel.h.

Macro Definition Documentation


#define FOLDER_CHANNEL_WIDGET_TYPE   (folder_channel_widget_get_type ())

Definition at line 15 of file folder_channel.h.

Typedef Documentation

◆ EditableLabelWidget

typedef struct _EditableLabelWidget EditableLabelWidget

Definition at line 26 of file folder_channel.h.

◆ FaderButtonsWidget

typedef struct _FaderButtonsWidget FaderButtonsWidget

Definition at line 27 of file folder_channel.h.

◆ FolderChannelSlotWidget

typedef struct _FolderChannelSlotWidget FolderChannelSlotWidget

Definition at line 25 of file folder_channel.h.