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foldable_notebook.h File Reference

A foldable GtkNotebook. More...

#include "gtk_wrapper.h"
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Data Structures

struct  FoldableNotebookWidget
 A GtkNotebook that shows or hides itself when the same page tab is clicked. More...


#define FOLDABLE_NOTEBOOK_WIDGET_TYPE   (foldable_notebook_widget_get_type ())


 G_DECLARE_FINAL_TYPE (FoldableNotebookWidget, foldable_notebook_widget, Z, FOLDABLE_NOTEBOOK_WIDGET, GtkBox)
FoldableNotebookWidgetfoldable_notebook_widget_new (GtkPositionType pos_in_paned, bool with_text)
 Creates a FoldableNotebookWidget.
GtkWidget * foldable_notebook_widget_get_widget_at_page (FoldableNotebookWidget *self, int page)
 Get the widget at the given page.
GtkWidget * foldable_notebook_widget_get_current_widget (FoldableNotebookWidget *self)
 Get the widget currently visible.
void foldable_notebook_widget_set_visibility (FoldableNotebookWidget *self, bool new_visibility)
 Sets the folded space visible or not.
int foldable_notebook_widget_is_content_visible (FoldableNotebookWidget *self)
 Returns if the content of the foldable notebook is visible.
GtkNotebook * foldable_notebook_widget_get_notebook (FoldableNotebookWidget *self)
 Gets the internal notebook.
void foldable_notebook_widget_set_current_page (FoldableNotebookWidget *self, int page_num, bool block_signals)
int foldable_notebook_widget_get_current_page (FoldableNotebookWidget *self)
void foldable_notebook_widget_add_page (FoldableNotebookWidget *self, GtkWidget *child, const char *tab_icon_name, const char *tab_label, const char *tooltip)
void foldable_notebook_widget_toggle_visibility (FoldableNotebookWidget *self)
 Combines the above.
void foldable_notebook_widget_setup (FoldableNotebookWidget *self, GtkPaned *paned, GtkPositionType pos_in_paned, bool with_text)
 Sets up an existing FoldableNotebookWidget.

Detailed Description

A foldable GtkNotebook.

Definition in file foldable_notebook.h.

Macro Definition Documentation


#define FOLDABLE_NOTEBOOK_WIDGET_TYPE   (foldable_notebook_widget_get_type ())

Definition at line 15 of file foldable_notebook.h.