gui/widgets/expander_box.h file


Expander box.


struct ExpanderBoxWidgetPrivate
An expander box is a base widget with a button that when clicked expands the contents.


auto expander_box_widget_get_private(ExpanderBoxWidget* self) -> ExpanderBoxWidgetPrivate*
Gets the private.
void expander_box_widget_set_label(ExpanderBoxWidget* self, const char* label)
Sets the label to show.
void expander_box_widget_set_icon_name(ExpanderBoxWidget* self, const char* icon_name)
Sets the icon name to show.
static void expander_box_widget_set_icon_resource(ExpanderBoxWidget* self, IconType icon_type, const char* path)
Sets the icon resource to show.
void expander_box_widget_set_reveal(ExpanderBoxWidget* self, int reveal)
Reveals or hides the expander box's contents.