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clip_editor.h File Reference
#include <adwaita.h>
#include "gtk_wrapper.h"
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Data Structures

struct  ClipEditorWidget
 The ClipEditorWidget shows in the Clip Editor / Piano Roll tab of the bottom panel, and is a stack of ClipEditorInnerWidget for the piano roll and AudioClipEditorWidget for audio regions. More...


#define CLIP_EDITOR_WIDGET_TYPE   (clip_editor_widget_get_type ())
#define MW_CLIP_EDITOR   MW_BOT_DOCK_EDGE->clip_editor


typedef struct _EditorSelectionInfoWidget EditorSelectionInfoWidget
typedef struct _EditorToolbarWidget EditorToolbarWidget
typedef struct _AudioClipEditorWidget AudioClipEditorWidget


 G_DECLARE_FINAL_TYPE (ClipEditorWidget, clip_editor_widget, Z, CLIP_EDITOR_WIDGET, GtkBox) typedef struct _ClipEditorInnerWidget ClipEditorInnerWidget
void clip_editor_widget_setup (ClipEditorWidget *self)
void clip_editor_widget_on_region_changed (ClipEditorWidget *self)
 To be called when the region changes.
void clip_editor_widget_navigate_to_region_start (ClipEditorWidget *self, bool center_contents_if_already_at_start)
 Navigates to the region start point.
ClipEditorWidgetclip_editor_widget_new (void)

Macro Definition Documentation


#define CLIP_EDITOR_WIDGET_TYPE   (clip_editor_widget_get_type ())

Definition at line 15 of file clip_editor.h.

Typedef Documentation

◆ AudioClipEditorWidget

typedef struct _AudioClipEditorWidget AudioClipEditorWidget

Definition at line 28 of file clip_editor.h.

◆ EditorSelectionInfoWidget

typedef struct _EditorSelectionInfoWidget EditorSelectionInfoWidget

Definition at line 26 of file clip_editor.h.

◆ EditorToolbarWidget

typedef struct _EditorToolbarWidget EditorToolbarWidget

Definition at line 27 of file clip_editor.h.

Function Documentation

◆ clip_editor_widget_navigate_to_region_start()

void clip_editor_widget_navigate_to_region_start ( ClipEditorWidget * self,
bool center_contents_if_already_at_start )

Navigates to the region start point.

If already at start point and center_contents_if_already_at_start is true, the region's contents will be centered.