ChordDescriptor struct

A ChordDescriptor describes a chord and is not linked to any specific object by itself.


Chord objects should include a ChordDescriptor.

Public variables

bool has_bass
Has bass note or not.
MusicalNote root_note
Root note.
MusicalNote bass_note
Bass note 1 octave below.
ChordType type
Chord type.
ChordAccent accent
Chord accent.
int notes
Only used if custom chord.
int inversion
0 no inversion, less than 0 highest note(s) drop an octave, greater than 0 lowest note(s) receive an octave.

Variable documentation

ChordAccent ChordDescriptor::accent

Chord accent.

Does not apply to custom chords.

int ChordDescriptor::notes

Only used if custom chord.

4 octaves, 1st octave is where bass note is, but bass note should not be part of this.

Starts at C always, from MIDI pitch 36.