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timeline_arranger.h File Reference

Timeline arranger API. More...

#include "dsp/position.h"
#include "gui/backend/timeline_selections.h"
#include "gui/backend/tool.h"
#include "gui/widgets/arranger.h"
#include "gui/widgets/main_window.h"
#include "gtk_wrapper.h"
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#define MW_TIMELINE   (MW_TIMELINE_PANEL->timeline)
#define MW_PINNED_TIMELINE   (MW_TIMELINE_PANEL->pinned_timeline)


typedef struct _ArrangerWidget ArrangerWidget
typedef struct _AutomationPointWidget AutomationPointWidget
typedef struct AutomationCurve AutomationCurve


void timeline_arranger_widget_snap_range_r (ArrangerWidget *self, Position *pos)
TrackLanetimeline_arranger_widget_get_track_lane_at_y (ArrangerWidget *self, double y)
 Gets hit TrackLane at y.
Tracktimeline_arranger_widget_get_track_at_y (ArrangerWidget *self, double y)
 Gets the Track at y.
AutomationTracktimeline_arranger_widget_get_at_at_y (ArrangerWidget *self, double y)
 Returns the hit AutomationTrack at y.
void timeline_arranger_widget_set_select_type (ArrangerWidget *self, double y)
 Determines the selection time (objects/range) and sets it.
bool timeline_arranger_widget_create_region (ArrangerWidget *self, const RegionType type, Track *track, TrackLane *lane, AutomationTrack *at, const Position *pos, GError **error)
 Create a Region at the given Position in the given Track's given TrackLane.
void timeline_arranger_widget_create_chord_or_scale (ArrangerWidget *self, Track *track, double y, const Position *pos)
 Wrapper for timeline_arranger_widget_create_chord() or timeline_arranger_widget_create_scale().
void timeline_arranger_widget_create_scale (ArrangerWidget *self, Track *track, const Position *pos)
 Create a ScaleObject at the given Position in the given Track.
void timeline_arranger_widget_create_marker (ArrangerWidget *self, Track *track, const Position *pos)
 Create a Marker at the given Position in the given Track.
int timeline_arranger_widget_snap_regions_l (ArrangerWidget *self, Position *pos, int dry_run)
 Snaps both the transients (to show in the GUI) and the actual regions.
int timeline_arranger_widget_snap_regions_r (ArrangerWidget *self, Position *pos, int dry_run)
 Snaps both the transients (to show in the GUI) and the actual regions.
void timeline_arranger_widget_scroll_to (ArrangerWidget *self, Position *pos)
 Scroll to the given position.
int timeline_arranger_move_regions_to_new_tracks (ArrangerWidget *self, const int vis_track_diff)
 Move the selected Regions to the new Track.
int timeline_arranger_move_regions_to_new_lanes (ArrangerWidget *self, const int diff)
 Move the selected Regions to new Lanes.
void timeline_arranger_widget_set_cut_lines_visible (ArrangerWidget *self)
 Hides the cut dashed line from hovered regions and redraws them.
void timeline_arranger_widget_remove_children (ArrangerWidget *self)
 To be called when pinning/unpinning.
GMenu * timeline_arranger_widget_gen_context_menu (ArrangerWidget *self, GMenu *menu, double x, double y)
 Generate a context menu at x, y.
void timeline_arranger_widget_fade_up (ArrangerWidget *self, double offset_y, int fade_in)
 Fade up/down.
void timeline_arranger_setup_drag_dest (ArrangerWidget *self)
 Sets up the timeline arranger as a drag dest.

Detailed Description

Timeline arranger API.

Definition in file timeline_arranger.h.

Typedef Documentation

◆ ArrangerWidget

typedef struct _ArrangerWidget ArrangerWidget

Definition at line 21 of file timeline_arranger.h.

◆ AutomationCurve

typedef struct AutomationCurve AutomationCurve

Definition at line 26 of file timeline_arranger.h.

◆ AutomationPointWidget

typedef struct _AutomationPointWidget AutomationPointWidget

Definition at line 25 of file timeline_arranger.h.