TrackLane struct

A TrackLane belongs to a Track (can have many TrackLanes in a Track) and contains Regions.


Only Tracks that have Regions can have TrackLanes, such as InstrumentTrack and AudioTrack.

Public variables

int pos
Position in the Track.
char* name
Name of lane, e.g.
TrackLaneWidget* widget
TrackLaneWidget for this lane.
int y
Y local to track.
int height
Position of handle.
int mute
Muted or not.
int solo
Soloed or not.
ZRegion** regions
Regions in this track.
int track_pos
Position of owner Track in the Tracklist.
uint8_t midi_ch
MIDI channel, if MIDI lane, starting at 1.
CustomButtonWidget* buttons
Buttons used by the track widget.

Variable documentation

char* TrackLane::name

Name of lane, e.g.

"Lane 1".

uint8_t TrackLane::midi_ch

MIDI channel, if MIDI lane, starting at 1.

If this is set to 0, the value will be inherited from the Track.