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plugin_manager.h File Reference

Plugin manager. More...

#include "plugins/plugin_descriptor.h"
#include "utils/symap.h"
#include "utils/types.h"
#include "zix/sem.h"
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Data Structures

struct  PluginManager
 The PluginManager is responsible for scanning and keeping track of available Plugin's. More...


#define PLUGIN_MANAGER   (gZrythm->plugin_manager)


 TYPEDEF_STRUCT (CachedPluginDescriptors)
 TYPEDEF_STRUCT (PluginCollections)
 TYPEDEF_STRUCT (ZCarlaDiscovery)
PluginManagerplugin_manager_new (void)
char ** plugin_manager_get_paths_for_protocol (const PluginManager *self, const ZPluginProtocol protocol)
char * plugin_manager_get_paths_for_protocol_separated (const PluginManager *self, const ZPluginProtocol protocol)
char * plugin_manager_find_plugin_from_rel_path (const PluginManager *self, const ZPluginProtocol protocol, const char *rel_path)
 Searches in the known paths for this plugin protocol for the given relative path of the plugin and returns the absolute path.
void plugin_manager_begin_scan (PluginManager *self, const double max_progress, double *progress, GenericCallback cb, void *user_data)
void plugin_manager_add_descriptor (PluginManager *self, PluginDescriptor *descr)
 Adds a new descriptor.
void plugin_manager_set_currently_scanning_plugin (PluginManager *self, const char *filename, const char *sha1)
 Updates the text in the greeter.
PluginDescriptorplugin_manager_find_plugin_from_uri (PluginManager *self, const char *uri)
 Returns the PluginDescriptor instance for the given URI.
PluginDescriptorplugin_manager_find_from_descriptor (PluginManager *self, const PluginDescriptor *src_descr)
 Finds and returns the PluginDescriptor instance matching the given descriptor.
bool plugin_manager_supports_protocol (PluginManager *self, ZPluginProtocol protocol)
 Returns if the plugin manager supports the given plugin protocol.
PluginDescriptorplugin_manager_pick_instrument (PluginManager *self)
 Returns an instrument plugin, if any.
void plugin_manager_clear_plugins (PluginManager *self)
void plugin_manager_free (PluginManager *self)

Detailed Description

Plugin manager.

Definition in file plugin_manager.h.