plugins/cached_plugin_descriptors.h file

Plugin descriptors.



struct CachedPluginDescriptors
Descriptors to be cached.


using CachedPluginDescriptors = struct CachedPluginDescriptors
Descriptors to be cached.


auto cached_plugin_descriptors_new(void) -> CachedPluginDescriptors*
Reads the file and fills up the object.
auto cached_plugin_descriptors_is_blacklisted(CachedPluginDescriptors* self, const char* abs_path) -> int
Returns if the plugin at the given path is blacklisted or not.
auto cached_plugin_descriptors_find(CachedPluginDescriptors* self, const PluginDescriptor* descr, bool check_valid, bool check_blacklisted) -> const PluginDescriptor*
Finds a descriptor matching the given one's unique identifiers.
auto cached_plugin_descriptors_get(CachedPluginDescriptors* self, const char* abs_path) -> PluginDescriptor**
Returns the PluginDescriptor's corresponding to the .so/.dll file at the given path, if it exists and the MD5 hash matches.
void cached_plugin_descriptors_blacklist(CachedPluginDescriptors* self, const char* abs_path, int _serialize)
Appends a descriptor to the cache.
void cached_plugin_descriptors_replace(CachedPluginDescriptors* self, const PluginDescriptor* _new_descr, bool _serialize)
Replaces a descriptor in the cache.
void cached_plugin_descriptors_add(CachedPluginDescriptors* self, const PluginDescriptor* descr, int _serialize)
Appends a descriptor to the cache.
void cached_plugin_descriptors_clear(CachedPluginDescriptors* self)
Clears the descriptors and removes the cache file.