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cached_plugin_descriptors.h File Reference

Plugin descriptors. More...

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Data Structures

struct  CachedPluginDescriptors
 Descriptors to be cached. More...




CachedPluginDescriptorscached_plugin_descriptors_read_or_new (void)
 Reads the file and fills up the object.
void cached_plugin_descriptors_serialize_to_file (CachedPluginDescriptors *self)
bool cached_plugin_descriptors_is_blacklisted (CachedPluginDescriptors *self, const char *sha1)
 Returns if the plugin with the given sha1 is blacklisted or not.
unsigned int cached_plugin_descriptors_find (CachedPluginDescriptors *self, GPtrArray *arr, const PluginDescriptor *descr, const char *sha1, bool check_valid, bool check_blacklisted)
 Finds descriptors matching the given one's unique identifiers and adds them to the array.
void cached_plugin_descriptors_blacklist (CachedPluginDescriptors *self, const char *sha1, bool _serialize)
 Appends a descriptor to the cache.
void cached_plugin_descriptors_add (CachedPluginDescriptors *self, const PluginDescriptor *descr, int _serialize)
 Appends a descriptor to the cache.
void cached_plugin_descriptors_clear (CachedPluginDescriptors *self)
 Clears the descriptors and removes the cache file.
void cached_plugin_descriptors_free (CachedPluginDescriptors *self)

Detailed Description

Plugin descriptors.

Definition in file cached_plugin_descriptors.h.