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undo_stack.h File Reference

Undo stack. More...

#include "actions/arranger_selections.h"
#include "actions/channel_send_action.h"
#include "actions/chord_action.h"
#include "actions/midi_mapping_action.h"
#include "actions/mixer_selections_action.h"
#include "actions/port_action.h"
#include "actions/port_connection_action.h"
#include "actions/range_action.h"
#include "actions/tracklist_selections.h"
#include "actions/transport_action.h"
#include "utils/stack.h"
#include "utils/yaml.h"
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Data Structures

struct  UndoStack
 Serializable stack for undoable actions. More...


#define undo_stack_size(x)   (stack_size ((x)->stack))
#define undo_stack_is_empty(x)   (stack_is_empty ((x)->stack))
#define undo_stack_is_full(x)   (stack_is_full ((x)->stack))
#define undo_stack_peek(x)   ((UndoableAction *) stack_peek ((x)->stack))
#define undo_stack_peek_last(x)    ((UndoableAction *) stack_peek_last ((x)->stack))


void undo_stack_init_loaded (UndoStack *self)
UndoStackundo_stack_new (void)
 Creates a new stack for undoable actions.
NONNULL UndoStackundo_stack_clone (const UndoStack *src)
char * undo_stack_get_as_string (UndoStack *self, int limit)
 Gets the list of actions as a string.
NONNULL size_t undo_stack_get_total_cached_actions (UndoStack *self)
 Returns the total cached actions.
void undo_stack_push (UndoStack *self, UndoableAction *action)
UndoableActionundo_stack_pop (UndoStack *self)
UndoableActionundo_stack_pop_last (UndoStack *self)
 Pops the last element and moves everything back.
bool undo_stack_contains_clip (UndoStack *self, AudioClip *clip)
bool undo_stack_contains_action (UndoStack *self, UndoableAction *ua)
 Checks if the undo stack contains the given action pointer.
NONNULL void undo_stack_get_plugins (UndoStack *self, GPtrArray *arr)
 Returns the plugins referred to in the undo stack.
void undo_stack_clear (UndoStack *self, bool free)
 Clears the stack, optionally freeing all the elements.
void undo_stack_free (UndoStack *self)

Detailed Description

Undo stack.

Definition in file undo_stack.h.