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undo_manager.h File Reference

Undo manager. More...

#include "actions/undo_stack.h"
#include "zix/sem.h"
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Data Structures

struct  UndoManager
 Undo manager. More...


#define UNDO_MANAGER   (PROJECT->undo_manager)
 Second and last argument given must be a GError **.


NONNULL void undo_manager_init_loaded (UndoManager *self)
 Inits the undo manager by populating the undo/redo stacks.
WARN_UNUSED_RESULT UndoManagerundo_manager_new (void)
 Inits the undo manager by creating the undo/redo stacks.
 NONNULL_ARGS (1) int undo_manager_undo(UndoManager *self
 Undo last action.
int undo_manager_perform (UndoManager *self, UndoableAction *action, GError **error)
 Performs the action and pushes it to the undo stack.
NONNULL bool undo_manager_contains_clip (UndoManager *self, AudioClip *clip)
 Returns whether the given clip is used by any stack.
NONNULL void undo_manager_get_plugins (UndoManager *self, GPtrArray *arr)
 Returns all plugins in the undo stacks.
NONNULL UndoableActionundo_manager_get_last_action (UndoManager *self)
 Returns the last performed action, or NULL if the stack is empty.
NONNULL void undo_manager_clear_stacks (UndoManager *self, bool free)
 Clears the undo and redo stacks.
NONNULL UndoManagerundo_manager_clone (const UndoManager *src)
NONNULL void undo_manager_free (UndoManager *self)


GError ** error

Detailed Description

Undo manager.

Definition in file undo_manager.h.