gui/backend/ directory

GUI-specific backend structs that can be serialized.



file arranger_object.h
Macros for arranger object backends.
file arranger_object_info.h
Info about objects shown in arrangers (Region's, MidiNote's, etc.).
file arranger_selections.h
Common data structures and functions for *ArrangerSelections.
file automation_editor.h
Automation editor backend.
file automation_selections.h
API for selections in the AutomationArrangerWidget.
file chord_editor.h
Chord editor backend.
file chord_selections.h
API for selections in the piano roll.
file clip_editor.h
The clip/region editor backend.
file events.h
Events for calling refresh on widgets.
file midi_arranger_selections.h
API for selections in the piano roll.
file piano_roll.h
Piano roll backend.
file timeline_selections.h
Current TimelineArranger selections.