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timeline_selections.h File Reference

Current TimelineArranger selections. More...

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Data Structures

struct  TimelineSelections
 Selections to be used for the timeline's current selections, copying, undoing, etc. More...


#define TL_SELECTIONS   (PROJECT->timeline_selections)
#define timeline_selections_move_w_action(sel, ticks, delta_tracks, delta_lanes, already_moved)
#define timeline_selections_duplicate_w_action(sel, ticks, delta_tracks, delta_lanes, already_moved)


Tracktimeline_selections_get_first_track (TimelineSelections *ts)
 Gets highest track in the selections.
Tracktimeline_selections_get_last_track (TimelineSelections *ts)
 Gets lowest track in the selections.
void timeline_selections_set_vis_track_indices (TimelineSelections *ts)
 Replaces the track positions in each object with visible track indices starting from 0.
int timeline_selections_can_be_pasted (TimelineSelections *ts, Position *pos, const int idx)
 Returns whether the selections can be pasted.
void timeline_selections_mark_for_bounce (TimelineSelections *ts, bool with_parents)
bool timeline_selections_move_regions_to_new_ats (TimelineSelections *self, const int vis_at_diff)
 Move the selected regions to new automation tracks.
bool timeline_selections_move_regions_to_new_lanes (TimelineSelections *self, const int diff)
 Move the selected Regions to new lanes.
bool timeline_selections_move_regions_to_new_tracks (TimelineSelections *self, const int vis_track_diff)
 Move the selected Regions to the new Track.
void timeline_selections_set_index_in_prev_lane (TimelineSelections *self)
 Sets the regions' ZRegion::index_in_prev_lane.
NONNULL bool timeline_selections_contains_only_regions (const TimelineSelections *self)
NONNULL bool timeline_selections_contains_only_region_types (const TimelineSelections *self, RegionType types)
NONNULL bool timeline_selections_export_to_midi_file (const TimelineSelections *self, const char *full_path, int midi_version, const bool export_full_regions, const bool lanes_as_tracks)
 Exports the selections to the given MIDI file.

Detailed Description

Current TimelineArranger selections.

Definition in file timeline_selections.h.