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midi_arranger_selections.h File Reference

API for selections in the piano roll. More...

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Data Structures

struct  MidiArrangerSelections
 A collection of selected MidiNote's. More...


#define MA_SELECTIONS   (PROJECT->midi_arranger_selections)


MidiNotemidi_arranger_selections_get_lowest_note (MidiArrangerSelections *mas)
void midi_arranger_selections_unlisten_note_diff (MidiArrangerSelections *prev, MidiArrangerSelections *mas)
 Sets the listen status of notes on and off based on changes in the previous selections and the current selections.
int midi_arranger_selections_can_be_pasted (MidiArrangerSelections *ts, Position *pos, Region *region)
 Returns if the selections can be pasted.
NONNULL void midi_arranger_selections_sort_by_pitch (MidiArrangerSelections *self, bool desc)

Detailed Description

API for selections in the piano roll.

Definition in file midi_arranger_selections.h.