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tracklist_selections.h File Reference

Tracklist selections. More...

#include "dsp/track.h"
#include "utils/yaml.h"
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Data Structures

struct  TracklistSelections
 Selections to be used for the tracklist's current selections, copying, undoing, etc. More...


#define TRACKLIST_SELECTIONS   (PROJECT->tracklist_selections)


void tracklist_selections_init_loaded (TracklistSelections *ts)
TracklistSelectionstracklist_selections_new (bool is_project)
TracklistSelectionstracklist_selections_clone (TracklistSelections *src, GError **error)
 Clone the struct for copying, undoing, etc.
Tracktracklist_selections_get_highest_track (TracklistSelections *self)
 Gets highest track in the selections.
Tracktracklist_selections_get_lowest_track (TracklistSelections *self)
 Gets lowest track in the selections.
void tracklist_selections_add_track (TracklistSelections *self, Track *track, bool fire_events)
void tracklist_selections_add_tracks_in_range (TracklistSelections *self, int min_pos, int max_pos, bool fire_events)
void tracklist_selections_clear (TracklistSelections *self, const bool fire_events)
 Clears the selections.
void tracklist_selections_select_foldable_children (TracklistSelections *self)
 Make sure all children of foldable tracks in the selection are also selected.
void tracklist_selections_handle_click (Track *track, bool ctrl, bool shift, bool dragged)
 Handle a click selection.
bool tracklist_selections_contains_uninstantiated_plugin (const TracklistSelections *self)
bool tracklist_selections_contains_undeletable_track (const TracklistSelections *self)
bool tracklist_selections_contains_uncopyable_track (const TracklistSelections *self)
bool tracklist_selections_contains_non_automatable_track (const TracklistSelections *self)
 Returns whether the tracklist selections contains a track that cannot have automation lanes.
bool tracklist_selections_contains_soloed_track (TracklistSelections *self, bool soloed)
 Returns whether the selections contain a soloed track if soloed is true or an unsoloed track if soloed is false.
bool tracklist_selections_contains_listened_track (TracklistSelections *self, bool listened)
 Returns whether the selections contain a listened track if listened is true or an unlistened track if listened is false.
bool tracklist_selections_contains_muted_track (TracklistSelections *self, bool muted)
 Returns whether the selections contain a muted track if muted is true or an unmuted track if muted is false.
bool tracklist_selections_contains_enabled_track (TracklistSelections *self, bool enabled)
bool tracklist_selections_contains_track (TracklistSelections *self, Track *track)
 Returns if the Track is selected or not.
bool tracklist_selections_contains_track_index (TracklistSelections *self, int track_idx)
void tracklist_selections_remove_track (TracklistSelections *ts, Track *track, int fire_events)
void tracklist_selections_select_single (TracklistSelections *ts, Track *track, bool fire_events)
 Selects a single track after clearing the selections.
void tracklist_selections_select_all (TracklistSelections *ts, int visible_only)
 Selects all Track's.
void tracklist_selections_select_last_visible (TracklistSelections *ts)
 Selects the last visible track after clearing the selections.
void tracklist_selections_toggle_visibility (TracklistSelections *ts)
 Toggle visibility of the selected tracks.
void tracklist_selections_toggle_pinned (TracklistSelections *ts)
 Toggle pin/unpin of the selected tracks.
void tracklist_selections_print (TracklistSelections *self)
 For debugging.
void tracklist_selections_post_deserialize (TracklistSelections *self)
 To be called after receiving tracklist selections from the clipboard.
void tracklist_selections_paste_to_pos (TracklistSelections *ts, int pos)
void tracklist_selections_sort (TracklistSelections *self, bool asc)
 Sorts the tracks by position.
NONNULL void tracklist_selections_get_plugins (TracklistSelections *self, GPtrArray *arr)
void tracklist_selections_mark_for_bounce (TracklistSelections *ts, bool with_parents, bool mark_master)
 Marks the tracks to be bounced.
void tracklist_selections_free (TracklistSelections *self)

Detailed Description

Tracklist selections.

Definition in file tracklist_selections.h.