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wrapped_object_with_change_signal.h File Reference

Object with change signal. More...

#include "utils/types.h"
#include <glib-object.h>
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Data Structures

struct  WrappedObjectWithChangeSignal
 A GObject-ified normal C object with a signal that interested parties can listen to for changes. More...


#define WRAPPED_OBJECT_WITH_CHANGE_SIGNAL_TYPE    (wrapped_object_with_change_signal_get_type ())


char * wrapped_object_with_change_signal_get_display_name (void *data)
 Returns a display name for the given object, intended to be used where the object should be displayed (eg, a dropdown).
WrappedObjectWithChangeSignalwrapped_object_with_change_signal_new (void *obj, WrappedObjectType type)
 Instantiates a new WrappedObjectWithChangeSignal.
WrappedObjectWithChangeSignalwrapped_object_with_change_signal_new_with_free_func (void *obj, WrappedObjectType type, ObjectFreeFunc free_func)
 If this function is not used, the internal object will not be free'd.

Detailed Description

Object with change signal.

Definition in file wrapped_object_with_change_signal.h.

Macro Definition Documentation


#define WRAPPED_OBJECT_WITH_CHANGE_SIGNAL_TYPE    (wrapped_object_with_change_signal_get_type ())

Definition at line 17 of file wrapped_object_with_change_signal.h.