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chord_editor.h File Reference

Chord editor backend. More...

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Data Structures

struct  ChordEditor
 Backend for the chord editor. More...


#define CHORD_EDITOR   (CLIP_EDITOR->chord_editor)


void chord_editor_init_loaded (ChordEditor *self)
 Inits the ChordEditor after a Project has been loaded.
void chord_editor_init (ChordEditor *self)
 Initializes the ChordEditor.
ChordEditorchord_editor_clone (ChordEditor *src)
void chord_editor_apply_single_chord (ChordEditor *self, const ChordDescriptor *chord, const int idx, bool undoable)
void chord_editor_apply_chords (ChordEditor *self, const ChordDescriptor **chords, bool undoable)
void chord_editor_apply_preset (ChordEditor *self, ChordPreset *pset, bool undoable)
void chord_editor_apply_preset_from_scale (ChordEditor *self, MusicalScaleType scale, MusicalNote root_note, bool undoable)
void chord_editor_transpose_chords (ChordEditor *self, bool up, bool undoable)
NONNULL ChordDescriptorchord_editor_get_chord_from_note_number (const ChordEditor *self, midi_byte_t note_number)
 Returns the ChordDescriptor for the given note number, otherwise NULL if the given note number is not in the proper range.
NONNULL int chord_editor_get_chord_index (const ChordEditor *self, const ChordDescriptor *chord)
ChordEditorchord_editor_new (void)
void chord_editor_free (ChordEditor *self)

Detailed Description

Chord editor backend.

Definition in file chord_editor.h.