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mixer_selections.h File Reference

Mixer selections. More...

#include "dsp/automation_point.h"
#include "dsp/channel.h"
#include "dsp/midi_region.h"
#include "dsp/region.h"
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Data Structures

struct  MixerSelections
 Selections to be used for the timeline's current selections, copying, undoing, etc. More...


#define MIXER_SELECTIONS   (PROJECT->mixer_selections)


void mixer_selections_init_loaded (MixerSelections *ms, bool is_project)
MixerSelectionsmixer_selections_new (void)
void mixer_selections_init (MixerSelections *self)
MixerSelectionsmixer_selections_clone (const MixerSelections *src, bool src_is_project)
 Clone the struct for copying, undoing, etc.
int mixer_selections_has_any (MixerSelections *ms)
 Returns if there are any selections.
int mixer_selections_get_highest_slot (MixerSelections *ms)
 Gets highest slot in the selections.
int mixer_selections_get_lowest_slot (MixerSelections *ms)
 Gets lowest slot in the selections.
void mixer_selections_post_deserialize (MixerSelections *self)
NONNULL bool mixer_selections_can_be_pasted (MixerSelections *self, Channel *ch, ZPluginSlotType type, int slot)
 Returns whether the selections can be pasted to MixerWidget.paste_slot.
NONNULL void mixer_selections_paste_to_slot (MixerSelections *ms, Channel *ch, ZPluginSlotType type, int slot)
 Paste the selections starting at the slot in the given channel.
Trackmixer_selections_get_track (const MixerSelections *const self)
 Get current Track.
bool mixer_selections_contains_slot (MixerSelections *ms, ZPluginSlotType type, int slot)
 Returns if the slot is selected or not.
bool mixer_selections_contains_plugin (MixerSelections *ms, Plugin *pl)
 Returns if the plugin is selected or not.
bool mixer_selections_contains_uninstantiated_plugin (const MixerSelections *const self)
void mixer_selections_add_slot (MixerSelections *ms, Track *track, ZPluginSlotType type, int slot, bool clone_pl, const bool fire_events)
 Adds a slot to the selections.
NONNULL void mixer_selections_remove_slot (MixerSelections *ms, int slot, ZPluginSlotType type, bool publish_events)
 Removes a slot from the selections.
NONNULL void mixer_selections_sort (MixerSelections *self, bool asc)
 Sorts the selections by slot index.
NONNULL Pluginmixer_selections_get_first_plugin (MixerSelections *self)
 Returns the first selected plugin if any is selected, otherwise NULL.
NONNULL bool mixer_selections_validate (MixerSelections *self)
NONNULL void mixer_selections_clear (MixerSelections *ms, const int pub_events)
 Clears selections.
NONNULL void mixer_selections_free (MixerSelections *self)

Detailed Description

Mixer selections.

Definition in file mixer_selections.h.